Pluto Oppose Jupiter

Pluto Oppose Jupiter

Pluto Oppose Jupiter
January 11 to June 4 2014


March…Tee for Two

Many of you who are interested in Astrology have been asking me to show you what “IT” looks like. Okay! Here we are. In March the Sun is in the Water sign of Pisces BUT…Take a gander at the photo above from my computer. (It shows the Sun in Aries). I’ve omitted the other planets and the Moon to make this as clear and as easy to follow as possible. We’re not looking at the Sun in Pisces right now, but rather another big aspect…

Since January 11, there’s been an aspect between planets called an OPPOSITION —and this planetary position will remain in effect until June 4. That’s a entire five months of intensity.PlutoJupiterUranusSunTee

An opposition is pretty much what it sounds like. Look at the picture to the right and you’ll see two planets—Pluto in the earth sign of Saturn and Jupiter in the Water sign
of Cancer

Pluto is represented by what looks like the combo letters ‘P’ & ‘L’ put together = Pluto, ‘dwarf star’ that represents core transformation.

On the bottom side of the purple line, what looks the number ‘4’ is Jupiter, the planet that represents expansion, abundance, foreign matters, travel, publishing and advertising (among other definitions).

In essence, through early Jun, Expansion opposes Core Transformation. This tug of war is like concentrated pressure on a fault line that NEEDS to crack so it can be cleared away for the raw, Divine energy underneath to come through easily.

Where do you want to expand in life? What core fear holds you back?

The ‘opposition’ symbol in astrology looks like a pair of old fashioned spectacles; two circles with a line between them.

With me so far? Great. Now look to the left and you’ll see two other symbols. The yellow circle represents the Sun in our solar system = the focus. The blue glyph represents the planet Uranus (say it with me, ‘You’re On Us). Uranus = unexpected, outrageous, or spontaneous.

The Sun enters the fire sign of Aries on March 20. Uranus is already in the fire sign of Aries through May of 2018!

When the Sun and Uranus connect (conjunct), end of March through most of April, there’ll be a high energy focal point on the OPPOSITION between Jupiter and Pluto.

See the dotted line on the left that leads to the ‘spectacles’? If you tilted your head to the right, you’ll see how the dotted line makes a ‘T-ee’ Square angle with the opposition line.

Those red ‘squares’ that lead from the Sun & Uranus to Jupiter and Pluto are what make up the ‘T’ square by degrees. Don’t want to get too heady…stay with me.

A ‘T’ square in astrology is a tense aspect and reminds me of the Penrose Triangle (aka Paradox Triangle). It’s like saying two parts of you are  approaching and also avoiding a situation and getting stuck in the middle. Take a close look at these Penrose Triangles. What the…? See what I penrosetriangleyellowDice-Penrose-Trianglemean? When one part of you is doing something that is opposite to the other part, um…well…a conscious happy result seems almost impossible to achieve, doesn’t it? But it sure does make life interesting and melodramatic. This opposition also helps you to break a very old pattern!

When I see an opposition between two heavy weights for a lengthy amount of time, I’m seeing people looking for solutions. This ‘T’ square between these particular planets (in those particular signs) will affect each of you differently and I’ll talk more about that in the mid month e-zine, so be on the look out for that.

But for now, ask yourself this: Where do I feel stuck right now? What’s been the repetitive pattern with this ‘stuck’ feeling/situation? Is it with my health, with business or finances, or is it with romance? Get clear on it then write down specifics about that ‘stuck’ feeling or situation. Realize that YOU are the common denominator in your life. What does the fear tell you? Why is it afraid to change?

Again…The planets don’t  make you do anything! We live in a co-operation with our Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When you make a move, the planets reflect that…mirror, mirror on the Cosmic wall.

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