Diamond Mentoring

Diamond Mentoring


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Unleash your dormant intuitive gifts Today. This exclusive mentoring program is designed to release what’s already bubbling inside you—your powers of Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairvoyance. You get 1-on-1 hands-on Heaven n‘ Earth training with Elaine for Intuitive & Spiritual Mastery.

  • Discover how to Trust your instincts, trust your decisions, and trust who you are in ANY situation: relationship, business endeavor, money decision, or family matter.
  • Gain the confidence, inspiration, and grounding you’ve been searching for all your life. Know your purpose and who you came to this earth TO BE…without doubt, without fear, without shame, and with healthy boundaries in tact.
  • Learn how to integrate your Physical You and Your Divine You.
  • Put your life in pure, total alignment to discover Your Empowerment!
  • Tap deep into your psychic abilities for the awareness and illumination you never thought possible.

Here’s what you get with Diamond Mentoring:

9 Month Personalized Intuitive Mastery Diamond Mentoring
with Elaine Marolakos Edelson diamondnoshadow
“The Bodhi System®” Intuitive Mastery Levels 1 & 2 Get ready to go places you’ve never been before. Be prepared to TRUST every instinct, feeling, emotion, and thought with confidence and certainty. Be ready to sparkle like a brilliant diamond.

Each specially designed training video (12 in all) contains specific, simple, yet profound strategies and never-before-revealed secrets to guide you toward feeling alive, whole, spiritual, powerful, brilliant, and connected to the Divine from within.

You’re about to discover what it’s like to ‘know’ yourself and those around you…to ‘feel’ them in a way you’ve never experienced. And it will seem so natural, so organic that you’ll feel a gentle shift within…and never go back to ‘not knowing’ again.

You’ll get the ‘ah-hahs’ and the open door you’ve been craving to access your intuitive and psychic gifts.

They’re in you…now it’s time to let them shine!

roundcut“Journey to Your Source” Six (6) 40-minute Private Insight Power Mentor Sessions with ElaineThese sessions are designed to get right to the CORE of who you are so you can tap your psychic abilities, learn to recognize them, trust them, and live fully and divinely On Purpose.

You’ll work closely with Elaine to share your insights into The Bodhi System® Modules. She’ll help you to integrate your newfound awareness in very practical and grounded ways.

You’ll get all of Elaine’s intuitive secrets on how to plug in to your psyche to bring out the psychic in you. You’ll learn how to tap into your intuition with speed and ease.

Elaine will guide you toward instant confidence and decision-making for the rest of your life. Apply what you learn and stay on track and you’ll be well on your way to attracting more money, consistent and intimate relationships, and finding your purposeful contribution to the world & your legacy.

Sessions are digitally recorded and immediately sent to your inbox following session. These sessions are UNIQUE to you and your personality. This IS NOT a template. You get your own exclusive WAY—tailored specifically for YOU.

“Ultimate Integration” A step-by-step path to integrating all the ‘things’ and ‘doings’ in your life WITHOUT all the stress. roundcutLearn how to integrate Personal Growth, Relationships, Business, Work, Finances, Spirituality, Health, and Your Passion…so you FEEL WHOLE and RADIANT!

roundcut“VIP Day” Get ready for your “Personal Day with Elaine” in gorgeous Sedona, Arizona. You get laser-focused sessions with Elaine to accelerate your intuitive prowess and your initiation into the world of Conscious Manifesting. Together you’ll hone that sparkling intuition and guidance. Lunch included.

Elaine will help you connect to your Angels and Spirit Guides to hand you the ‘Crystal Ball’ to your own Divine Purpose in life. You’ll also be taken to Elaine’s favorite hiking spots to practice your newfound awareness (and let go of old patterns), and have access to the Energy and Light workers in Sedona, who are Elaine’s personal Resources! $4,997 Value

roundcut“Advanced Accountability” The path to your dreams is before you. Elaine keeps you crystal clear on your path so you don’t wander off. With the Ultimate Bodhi System® and Elaine supporting you, guiding you on your Journey to Your Intuitive & Psychic Source, you’ll feel lighter, more confident, and truly inspired to SEE what lies before you…your goals without doubts, fears, or barriers.

You’ll MOVE TOWARD your goals with passion, speed, and purpose. You’ll return home having stepped into your own Power, and feeling brand new!

roundcut“Exclusive Direct Email Access” Elaine answers your questions. Unlimited access and support for 6 full months. Elaine is here FOR YOU.

roundcut“Elaine 9-1-1” You’ll have Elaine’s private cell phone number and when you have to have the answer RIGHT NOW, Elaine’s got ten minutes for you! 6 calls $750 Value

PLUS these BONUSES:bonus

Year-in-Advance Astrological Profile
See what the Cosmos has in store for you in this personalized month-by-month report. Elaine creates your yearly astrology chart—complete with a detailed monthly analysis of what you can expect—so you can plan and take advantage of the wondrous opportunities that await you. Ooh, your own crystal ball, complete with ‘heads-up!’

This is an exclusive, personalized service (not a computer generated report). $697 Value

Astro-Cartography and Solar Chart Profile
Want to know the IDEAL CITY to spend your birthday? Want to know what the best opportunity and focus is for the upcoming year?

With an AstroCartography Chart, you can take full advantage of locations that hold positive vibes for you. With the Solar Chart Profile, see what’s in store for you so you can manifest the best outcome for the next 12 months.

It’s like getting your own personal “LIFE BLUEPRINT” a year in advance. $697 value


NEW* Astro-Body Mind Soul Report – Use this one of a kind report to know yourself better than anyone else! Herbs, homeopathic remedies, frequencies, colors, and sounds that can uplift you, based on your Astrological Profile. There’s nothing else like it out there and Elaine gives this report her intuitive once-over to make sure that you get exactly what you need to be healthy on every level! $497 value

Astrology Channel ETC Platinum Membership Lifetime Membership access to Elaine’s exclusive Platinum Level cutting edge Astrology site. You get monthly AstroBlast readings for your Sun and Rising signs—as well as in-depth Astrological insights and monthly Cosmic Clues Live Podcast to keep you on track with one question per member.

You get total access to this high end membership plus all its bonuses. $367 Value

“The Dinner Party” Sorry, food will not be served. But…something extraordinary IS cooking. In the kitchen known as your NAME, there lies hidden the secret ingredients and energies to who you are.

Follow this simple recipe and you’ll be amazed at the amazing dishes served up.

You’ll discover how each of your given birth names holds the key to who you TRULY are and who you came to this earth to be. Once you unveil the energies that each of your names possesses, you’ll be able to release the limitations associated with them…and know how to build on the strengths they hold. You’ll be amazed how astoundingly accurate this program is.

Scrumptious food for thought! Priceless!

This high-end, $10k exclusive Diamond Mentoring Program, is strictly for the serious Intentional Life Creator.   email Elaine to see if this program is for you… elaine@astrologychanneletc.com