Eclipse Offer

Eclipse Offer


Dear Readers/Listeners, I’m almost done creating my new site. This site may get funky looking at times. Thanks for your patience and please enjoy your Forecasts.

The Full MoonLUNAR ECLIPSE is fast approaching & with it is an opportunity to put your trust where your goals are. Um… Elaine… is that like saying, “Put your money where your mouth is?” Yes. Exactly!

On Friday/Saturday, February 10/11, the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, at 22 degrees of Leo, (fire sign) puts a spotlight on your DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATION. This eclipse harkens back to approximately 8 yrs ago.

Think back approximately 8 yrs and check past calendars… What were you doing? Planning? Activating? Putting on hold?Here comes the new wave of transformation based on that time-frame.

LUNAR represents letting go, getting more in touch with the feminine aspects of yourself. It may feel like an emotional time, but being in LEO (lover of children, entertainment, easily wounded, shy, oddly needing much validation and recognition, very clever problem solver), who is dedicated to education and whatever business they engage… it can be a tremendously cathartic time.

Leo is represented by The Sun, felt as a masculine energy, depicted by a lion… sensitive, deeply wounded when hurt physically or emotionally, helping you to clear out resentments, past wounds to make room for growth on a profound level.  

Whether you’ve got Leo in your astrological natal chart or not, the part of your psyche that fears being in the limelight—yet is drawn to recognition—will break free from constraints.

Picture it. When a lion is content, they’ve just had dinner, their family is hanging around, and they chill.

But when they’re ‘hungry’ for something or feel threatened, they get defensive, hide in the tall grass, awaiting their moment to either escape danger or pounce.

What parts of you have held in hurt and resentment? Where is the defensive behavior in you? 

Once you find it (or it’s prodded), and you release it, clearing the air… WOW.

You make room for tremendous outpouring of love, light, talents, and power.

Along with opportunities to move forward with your:

BRILLIANCE shining a light to guide others
HEALING for self and others
HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS (especially for children)

It all depends upon where the Lunar Eclipse in Leo shows up in your astrological natal chart.

Lunar Eclipses Highlight the Deeper, Emotional Patterns, Holding You Back, often through Women or Your Own Feminine Self.  

Lunar relates to the feminine, and also to the Moon. The Moon is how we allow ourselves to earn money (and emote and form emotional bonds, too). So in a way the Lunar eclipse can help you with more ‘flow’ in your life. Especially if you’ve been actively and honestly pursuing your goals.

A very strong woman may have a huge impact on your life now. See who enters your world or with whom you clash!

Be wary of your defenses, shutting yourself off from others, the need to compete for attention, and resentment with women in your life. Your vulnerability will be exposed, asking you to feel instead of think your way through things.


To manifest PROSPERITY easily, the Cosmos asks that you give value, that you’re compassionate, that you stay out of your own way by leaving negative mental chatter at the door, especially relating to scarcity or competition!

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo illuminates where you’re stubborn, stingy (with stuff or feelings) OR way too fixed on controlling the outcome. 

Wisdom comes from knowing the order of things!

Each sign will experience something different, but rest assured that you’ll feel the Lunar Eclipse no matter what your Sun sign or your Rising sign, beginning late January 2017. Expect some inner/outer judgments to arise, getting your attention all the way through early March.

Key words for Leo Lunar Eclipse: Independence, Self-Centered, Generosity at the sake of self, Stuffing Emotions (that eventually go ka-boom), Children’s causes, Entertainment, Emotional Wounds, Not Enough, Drama (acting, singing, dancing, performing, stage presence), Tantrums, Big energy, Light-hearted, Emotionally Shy, Scarcity, Brilliant solutions.

Something to remember… any eclipse will shed light on the true matter at hand and what you’ve been creating on all levels of your being. The energies are more intense a week prior to the actual eclipse date and last for another month!

So do be careful of thinking that there’s never enough (of something) in your life or of giving way too much of yourself and EXPECTING it in return. Give without condition. Allow to get back without condition. 

WHERE the Lunar Eclipse in Leo is in your personal, astrological natal chart tells me
EXACTLY WHAT you can expect.

Wait … there’s more.

The eclipses work in tandem to help you clear your emotional and physical clutter that stops you from having abundance.

The Annular Solar Eclipse is on Sunday, February 26, 8 degrees Pisces, 12 minutes, 9:58am ET.

Solar relates to the masculine energy and action. This might be a time to confront an outdated belief system so you can make room for your real joy! Sometimes an actual man acts as the catalyst to your process, whether he’s a Pisces, Pisces Rising or not isn’t as important as what he says and does to trigger you into action.

What usually shows up during an eclipse phase first is the very thing that KEEPS YOU from having that inspired action. This may not feel specific, especially coming from the Pisces vibe (illusion, addicted, spiritual, not grounded, dreamy, metaphysical, ‘whatever’ attitude, OR idealistic to the point of zealousness. 

Expect to feel the need to incorporate a spiritual routine around your emotions, world, working situation, and update via ancient concepts, possibly outrageous ideas, and taking the road less traveled between January 30, through early April.

When Leo and Pisces come together there are hidden anger issues, resentment that might not be conscious, PLUS people (you?) who don’t always say what they mean or mean what they say.

The beauty about the Pisces Solar Eclipse is healing to find your spiritual core, your truth, with medical or holistic healing practices to speed you on your journey. Be aware of getting too lost in film, video, drugs, mind-numbing substances. BUT…

Do embrace alternative healing methods and use visuals like film, photography, proper enzymes and amino acids to help you create healthier neurons in your brain.

Can an eclipse help you to make money?
Well, in a way it can. IF you recognize the signs.


But it’s not going to simply fall out of the sky.

From an astrological perspective:

Leo… is guided by the Sun and represents education, children’s issues, entertainment, independence, humanitarian aims, sometimes outrageous or dramatic behavior, defenses, ego, the need to know itself through comparisons with the outside world, governing the heart/spine systems, higher-minded practices in business, finances, and medicine, global thinker. 

Pisces is guided by the planet Neptune and represents alternative medicine, healing, advancements in political agendas to champion people of all nations, magic, illusion, addiction, naive, film, photography, music, creation, karma, governing the water and immune systems and feet. 

Leo Entertains, Educates, Needs to Understand itself through comparison,
Giving You a Glimpse of dramatic transformation… 
While Pisces Acts With Creative Idealism
to Visualize the Outcome

It’s a powerful combination to help you move past ‘stuck’ in everything that you desire and want. It’s like having your very own Super Heroic Team, ready to take you to new heights in a hurry!

So… can these two eclipses make you money? They’ll certainly show you how to increase your earnings, stop the behavior that keeps money from flowing to you, AND show you what to value in order to magnetize more cash.

Typically when I give a Lunar Eclipse session, the investment is $497, but I’m grateful that you’ve remained a loyal subscriber to my site and am including the Solar Eclipse session at no extra cost.

Two for the price of one PLUS a 30% reward savings on top of that! 

The Eclipse Vibe are in play from August 8 through early November.

Through 5pm, Friday, February 24, claim your Lunar & Solar Eclipse session
with the reward savings.

I’ve slotted 8 readings—February 3 to February 24, (as the vibes last through early April).

Take advantage of knowing how to navigate your world now!

Special Private Eclipse Session
Lunar and Solar Eclipses
only $347!


I’m holding this special Eclipse sale as a way to say THANK YOU for being a loyal subscriber. Are you ready to increase your income by working with the magnetic energy of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses?

The Lunar Eclipse is on February 10, in the fire sign of Leo.
The Solar Eclipse is on February 26, in the water sign of Pisces.

You’ll start to feel the vibes end of January through early April, 2017. 
YOUR doorway to acting with intention and inspiration toward true prosperity is NOW.

In your Private 50 minute session You’ll:

  • LEARN exactly HOW to manifest prosperity.
  • GET personalized attention from Elaine as she covers the main points in your Astrological chart.
  • SEE how the Eclipse energy ignites your wealth, romance, and life purpose.
  • DELVE into your psyche to easily remove negative patterns that stop you from having abundance!
  • TRANSFORM negative habits through Elaine’s simple tapping method to propel you into your dreams.
  • RECLAIM your wealth, health, passion, and purpose.
  • NEUTRALIZE your negative chatter and replace it with compassionate, proactive affirmations.

ALSO receive these 2 additional Bonuses!

BONUS 1: A Solar Eclipse reading. The Eclipses work in tandem to help you clear the clutter to abundance and I’m including the Solar eclipse in the session. ($497 value)

BONUS 2: Dinner Party Exercise-Delve into your psyche with this fun written exercise to help you see which parts of you are holding you back! I use this exercise in my private, Tanzanite Breakthrough session, and it’s been a true, eye-opening, mind-blowing catalyst for everyone who does it. It’s yours along with my insights into your outcome!

PLUS a digital recording of the session sent to your inbox immediately following.

The open portals of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses last for weeks. Eclipses show you what you’ve been manifesting consciously and unconsciously… IF you know what to look for!

Elaine will show you a simple focus to increase your wealth, health, passion, and life purpose by the set of the next set of eclipses in August of 2017. Learn how to use this info to fast track your goals and get ahead.

I’ve slotted 8 readings—February 3 to February 24, (as the vibes last through early April).

Be prepared for what the Eclipses have in store! Click the “Add to Cart” button below right now and claim your session before I’m all booked up!