Solar and Lunar Eclipses

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2017 SOLAR Eclipse Dates
Eclipse energy begins approximately 2 weeks prior to,
and lasts approximately 6 weeks from the date of the eclipse.

Sunday, February 26, Annular Solar Eclipse (a narrow ring around the sun)
8 degrees Pisces, 12 minutes, 6:58am PT

Visible from South America, Southern Africa, South Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica.

August 21, Total Solar Eclipse—28 degrees Leo, 53 minutes
Visible from Africa, parts of Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Atlantic Ocean.

2017 LUNAR Eclipse Dates

Friday/Saturday February 10, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (rare, the entire moon’s shadow)
22 degrees Leo, 28 minutes
Visible in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, and Middle East.

August 7, Partial Lunar Eclipse—15 degrees Aquarius, 25 minutes
Visible from eastern Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, south Atlantic Ocean, Pacific and Indian Oceans, Middle east, and extreme South America

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Eclipses are astronomical events that occur four to five times a year. Typically a Solar Eclipse will either precede a Lunar Eclipse or follow one by about two weeks. The eclipses happen in tandem but sometimes there will be three eclipses back to back resulting in a combination of solar and lunar eclipses within the span of 6 weeks.

Eclipses, from an astrological and metaphysical perspective, affect you in different ways here on Earth, and in your body-mind connection. After all, the Sun and the Moon are bodies of energy just like the Earth. Events on the Earth affect you, too. Basically, when a body of energy has an event, so do you. But because you’re unique, no one person has the same experience.

The Solar and Lunar Eclipses work in tandem to help you uncover your inconsistencies, your contradictions and ways in which to help you manifest positive, healthy changes. During Eclipses you can bypass intellectual defenses that would otherwise keep you from getting to the truth of your matter.

Be conscious when working with the eclipses and you can fast track any issue!

Eclipse Tips:

    1. Prior to each Solar and Lunar eclipse cycle, go through your calendars and day planners and look back 6 months to what you were thinking and focused on at the time.
    2. What were you hoping to achieve?
    3. What were you manifesting?
    4. What were you working on?
    5. Then go back another 6 months, a total of 1 year, during a current eclipse phase.
    6. What was the goal back then?
    7. What were the challenges or opportunities?
    8. Come back to the present and correlate the information.
    9. Are you seeing progress?

2016 SOLAR Eclipse Dates
Eclipse energy begins approximately 7 to 10 days prior to,
and lasts approximately 6 weeks from the date of the eclipse.

March 8, Total Eclipse—18 degrees Pisces, 56 minutes
Visible from India, northern Australia, eastern Asia, North and South Korea, Japan, Pacific Ocean, and western Alaska.

September 1, Annular Eclipse—9 degrees Virgo, 21 minutes
Visible from Africa, parts of Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Atlantic Ocean.

2016 LUNAR Eclipse Dates

March 23, Penumbral Eclipse—3 degrees Libra, 17 minutes
Visible at moonset from North and South America, Australia, Alaska, Asia, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica.

September 16, Penumbral Eclipse—24 degrees Pisces, 20 minutes
Visible at moonset from eastern Europe, eastern Australia, eastern Africa, Atlantic Ocean, and parts of South America

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