Emerald Mentoring

Emerald Mentoring


Dear Readers/Listeners, I’m almost done creating my new site. This site may get funky looking at times. Thanks for your patience and please enjoy the information.

Are you tired of chasing what you want?

Then discover how to Attract your wants and desires TO you! Uncover the secrets to eliminating the blocks, barriers, and unconscious resistance that keep you from living the life of your dreams. You’ll be astonished and amazed how your life will flow with ease once you learn how to get out of your own way. You deserve nothing less than having it all. Manifest your dreams TODAY…and BE UNSTOPPABLE!

Here’s what you get with Emerald Mentoring:

3 Month “Minutes To Manifesting” Mentoring with Elaine
“Your Time is NOW”

Private 1-on-1 Sessions with Elaine You get Elaine 1 on 1, personalized just for you. Blast off with a critical 60 minute Breakthrough Session, where you’ll go deep to discover exactly what’s getting in the way of getting what you want.

Next, you’ll have direct access to Elaine for three (3) 40-minute private sessions (one per month).

Elaine will put an intuitive spotlight on your fears so that you get off the hamster wheel and end the stagnation.

As you go through the Bodhi System Modules, Elaine illuminates the areas in your life that hold you back. She’ll get you on your path to fulfillment and goal attainment.

The Bodhi System® Modules help you to seethe patterns that have stopped you in the past. Once you have that awareness, you’ll be able to alter your behavior to easily and quickly magnetize your desires. Sessions are digitally recorded and immediately sent to your inbox.  

emeraldbulletsThe Bodhi System® Intuitive Mastery Level 1
This unique, one of a kind audio-video program, packed with templates and specific exercises, is designed to help you be the magician in your life. You’ll discover how to move your energy out of ‘stuck’ and into Conscious Co-Creation to assist you in manifesting your very specific goals.

Learn how to use your Intention to create. Move out of ‘lack’ and into ‘prosperity’ with spiritual, practical and grounded methods that help you resonate the frequency of abundance… and that means cash, too!

When you alter the paradigm of the past in the NOW, the future is a lot more fun!  

emeraldbullets“Exclusive Direct Email Access” Elaine answers your question. You get access to Elaine’s private email, 2 per month for a total of 6 private emails, with your greatest concerns and needed support.

emeraldbullets“Advanced Accountability” There’s nothing that will take you to your goal faster or bring what you manifest to you quicker than having someone to be accountable to.

It’s the one consistent key ingredient to ALL Success. And for you, your accountability ‘partner’ is Elaine! She keeps you on track with your personal needs and goals, with specific and targeted success strategies to help you break through your barriers…

…so you feel confident, creative, and charged. And, with the additional support of Level 1 Bodhi System® you’ll begin to intuit more of your own answers. Elaine is right there to guide you toward integration of Your Divine Body, Mind, and Spirit Alignment.

PLUS these SPECIAL BONUSES: emeraldbonus

“Astrology Channel ETC Platinum Membership” Get an Annual Membership access to Elaine’s site with monthly AstroBlast readings for your Sun and Rising sign…as well as invaluable Astrological insights and monthly Cosmic Clues Live Podcast that gives you spot-on tips and strategies to enhance your relationships, finances, business, health, and prosperity. Plus, as a platinum member you get to ask Elaine a burning question on each live podcast! $367 Value

“Elaine 9-1-1” When you absolutely, positively have to have the answer, you can reach Elaine on her private cell phone number. You get (2) ten minute emergency calls for when you need to have your answer NOW. $300 Value This Emerald “Minutes to Manifesting” Package is for those ready to manifest wealth on all levels.  

Email elaine@astrologychanneletc.com to see if this $5k intuitive mastery training program is for you…