Astro 101

Astro 101

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Let’s talk about the 3 basic main parts of your astrological chart.




Everyone has a Sun sign—Your Sun sign is the sign under which you were born depending upon your birth time, location, and date of birth. The astrological Sun sign determines the basic THEME of your life.

Key phrases for the signs by Element are:


Cancer—I Feel…and attempt to negotiate everything I feel as I initiate action to feel safe and to create a safe haven for others. I sometimes snap at others when I don’t understand what I feel. I need a close relationship with my mother or I fight authority (or authority fights me). When I can forgive my mother, I can acknowledge the feminine energy in me is safe. Then my financial picture broadens.

Scorpio—I Desireto be as passionate about life as I can be. Sometimes I feel everything so deeply that I scare myself and stick to only surface things in life. The deeper I go, the darker it gets and I feel so responsible to bring light to the darkness. I love a good mystery! Sex is a healing tool and if I misuse it or allow myself to be abused I have difficulties with reproductive organs.

PiscesI Believe…the world can be beautiful. If I keep believing, it will be so. I need music and poetry and a just cause to keep me on track. I play nice with others. When I’m scared by what I see or feel I hide until I believe it’s safe to come out. That’s when I feel the need to forget by ingesting chemicals or becoming radically judgmental. When I see the Divine in everything, I learn to express my opinion and receive abundance. My colors and sounds make the world a beautiful place.


Taurus—I Have…and possess my things and loved ones to find my security deep within. Once I find it I realize that my loyalty is my greatest possession and that my needs are met. I hold emotions to stop myself from harming others. It causes weight and hormone imbalances. When I can express gently, I have an easier time with finances.

VirgoI Analyze…the best way to be efficient and thorough. My thoughts are on justice and things ‘less messy.’ I use science and technology to better the world and my comfort zone. When I judge and criticize myself, my nervous system goes haywire. When I learn to accept others I feel more organized.

Capricorn—I Work…toward a goal until I allow myself to reach a goal with joy and without beating myself up for not being an outdated definition of perfect. My goal is to lead with strength and endurance. I don’t cut corners. I can appear to be cold or unfeeling but I hold the world’s pain in my body so I can learn how to help others. Sometimes this leads to trouble with my bones, skin, or joints. When I release fear and worry I’m able to climb the mountain with ease to the top, then turn and help others up.


GeminiI Think…about what it is and why it is and what it could be if it were different. I attempt to control my thoughts and sometimes believe everyone else thinks the same thoughts. My lungs and arms are meant to hold and release joy. When I am unforgiving toward myself, I have trouble with these areas.

Libra—I Harmonize… and set out to create harmony in life by having solid opinions, which is my greatest challenge—to adhere to a belief and put it into action. Sometimes I swing the other way and champion the other side because I’m not sure which is the best way to go. My neutrality can cause disharmony with others needing my stance. Beauty, music, and organic nature calm me and to heal my adrenals.

AquariusI Know…what the answer is even when I don’t. My job is to find the most amazing EVERYTHING and present it to you. I don’t discriminate. I don’t enjoy being intimate, but I love sex. Sometimes my ankles give me trouble. If I am being dishonest, I feel the need to self medicate. Oh, but I love anything that sparks electric! I might be stubborn, but I’m unique and ready to lead the group into the unknown. I need to learn how to be comfortable in the dark and trust my needs are met.


Aries—I Act…and move through life toward a goal, sometimes head-first and without thinking, but most times to champion others. My head, eyes, ears, face, blood suffers when I cannot express my sexuality or my individual uniqueness. When I honor my need for movement I blaze effortlessly through life, igniting the Divine in others.

Leo—I Will…learn how to incorporate the needs of others equally without always trying to put myself or my wounds first. I care deeply for others but don’t always know how to relate unless I’m in control. My biggest epiphany comes when I engage in selfless service and my heart opens.

SagittariusI Search…for truth and practical means to spirituality. I act out my beliefs in entertainment, beauty, words, science, and religion. I need to know, but as soon as I find out, I doubt. I need to be certain so I will keep searching. Health and beauty are a large concern for me. I often have major health issues when I’m unconsciously feeling unsafe and judging the world. When I learn to self love, I heal.



The Rising Sign is the second most key part of your entire astrological life. The Rising Sign is who you project to the world and how the world interacts with you on a daily basis. Whenever you read an astrological blurb about your sun sign always, ALWAYS, read your Rising Sign, too.

So many times a client will say to me, “Why is it that when I read my sun sign in any astrological forecast it doesn’t always fit me?” And the answer is that your Rising sign defines everyday life so much more than your sun sign.

Example: ‘Mary’ was born on May 1 and that makes her a Taurus Sun sign. In general she will have some basic Taurean traits.

‘Mary’ is a Taurean but because of her birth time and the geographic location of her birth (longitude and latitude) she has a Pisces Rising sign. Mary will have many more Piscean traits than Taurean ones.



The third part of your astrological make-up is represented by your Moon sign. The Moon sign represents how well or not you receive. The placement of your Moon at birth signifies your emotional state and how you process emotions and feelings. It’s also an indicator of your greatest insecurities, as well as your relationship to money and abundance. I don’t advise reading your Moon sign in astrological forecasts since the calculations for those readings are based on the Sun’s position, not the Moon’s.

Look for your Sun, Rising and Moon signs here:
(*note—RISING SIGNS depicted on this site are both Mundane—relating more to survival ego—and Esoteric—relating more to compassionate spirit. Remember when reading your Sun and Rising signs that you’re a lovely mix of both.


Susan, for me to calculate your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs, I’d also need to know your birth location… city, state, country


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