As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation.

CANCER June 20 to July 20/21. The Moon guides Cancer.

MOON moon, go away…come again when I’m not so weepy.

  • The Moon is your intuitive and emotional make-up and how you express feelings.
  • The Moon is your capacity to receive anything and your ability to earn money.
  • When the Moon is full, it tugs at your unconscious self and keeps you awake or so so drowsy.
  • The Moon casts blue shadows that dance in the dark and either scare you or seduces your soul.
  • The Moon has a silver blanket to cover you when you snuggle down for the night.
  • The Moon is your mommy and your bestest blanket.
  • The Moon knows because it feels.
  • When the Moon hides in the dark, it’s aloof and moody. It says sarcastically, “Cancer is guided by the Moon. If that’s not enough, then either wait for Sunrise or deal with it.”

CANCERS are quiet, sometimes withdrawn, team players, and nurture through silence, intuition, finances, food, and touch.

When reading the following, keep in mind that you are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Cancers are so sarcastic you’d think they were Scorpios out for revenge. They pout and act aloof to get their way. This makes others want to climb their walls to find out what the hell is going on. They’re terrific at manipulating other people’s emotions. They do this because they’re emotionally immature. Sadly, many Cancer children have major issues due to the lack of nurturing from their own mothers. This leaves them acting like haughty victims much of their lives.

ESOTERIC Cancers are the consummate parents. They are so soothing to the soul and the wounded child. They are quick witted and fight tenaciously for humane causes. They are extremely creative (esp in the culinary, artistic, and financial worlds) because they can unconsciously intuit what everyone needs. They feel their job is to nourish and nurture. They’re great at magnetizing abundance. Once they realize that it’s healthy—and just plain okay—to express their feelings, they’re less defensive and can share who they are and help heal the children of this world.



When Cancer is on the rise, the Moon guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

Cancers Rising signs are removed from personal experience because it’s just too much to feel, and as a result, hold in their more uncomfortable feelings and start to gain weight.

This Rising sign can come off as moody with sudden and irrational temper tantrums. Passive aggressive speech as much as sarcasm and condescending tones or aloof behavior is the ‘safer’ way to communicate. Although this aggravates many a situation, this Rising sign will be the first to say, “I told you so!”

What’s really going on is their disassociation from their anger and empathy for the world. This Rising sign simply cannot contain all that feeling and must find a ‘shell’ to maintain so they can think clearly.

HEALTH is compromised, sometimes, because of holding it all in. This is when vaginal, cervical, breast, uterine difficulties or infections ensue. Sugar and dairy intake must be monitored and not used as a pacifier for intense emotions.

Control is their next best way to handle these deeper feelings. Mundane Cancer Rising sign can appear to be nurturing, but will instead, look for a way to manipulate until it’s needs are met. It tends to attract a lot of angry situations because of its detached manner and then cry ‘victim’ to get the nurturing it so desperately seeks.

It’s important for this Rising sign to stop acting from fear and start looking at their relationship to their masculine parent. There’s a definite lack of communication between this Rising sign and the masculine parent regarding anger, betrayal, invalidation, and frustrated emotions.

Until this Rising sign starts to seek a communion with their own deeper feelings (both masculine and feminine ones), they’ll have financial difficulties and/or lack of intimacy in their lives.

Cancer Rising signs look for a connection to the family or larger organization that lends security and a sense of purpose. This  Rising sign is a champion for women and children’s causes and will go the distance to see justice done.

FINANCIAL matters tend to develop around humanitarian aims and around women, children, education, higher-technology (video and film making, writing, radio, television, computers, entertainment.)

The greatest security this Rising sign will find is with a group that helps others find emotional, financial, and physical security.

This Rising sign needs to be careful of the critical sounding advice that translates into, ‘do as I say, but not as I do.’ Once they adjust their speech to a nurturing tone, they’re able to express a formula for expansion—to help stop world hunger, to organize the group, to get the job done, and even to clean the house in the most efficient way!

HOME LIFE is an integral part of their healing and growth. It’s so crucial for this Rising sign to have harmony in the home with esthetically pleasing furnishings. Living in nature, or close to it, helps this Rising sign to successfully dump the world’s excessive negativity from their own body and to find inner peace.

Water features are recommended–spas, fountains, ponds, as well as green living.  Cancer Rising is sometimes inconsistent with green living, but knows the benefits. Giving self the time it needs to unwind at the end of the day easily remedies that!

ROMANCE can be a deep and profound experience if this Rising sign will allow the intimacy with another to be mutual. If positively aspected in the natal chart, this person can share a deep and abiding connection to their mate and to their own child (and to their own creative self).

If challenged by the aspect by Pluto: childbearing becomes difficult, romance is a melodramatic novella, and creative expression is erratic and intense, wrought with frustration.

It’s key for this sensitive Rising sign to not judge the methods by which they create inspiration or the way in which a woman becomes pregnant or terminates pregnancy (or the methods of parenting that do not include childbirth such as fostering or adoption.) Sometimes the inability of this Rising sign to bear children becomes an extreme Pro Life campaign.

Cancer Rising is able to contribute a written legacy to the planet by documenting and categorizing harmful societal principles and replacing them with a positive plan of action for the children of Earth who will eventually become the gateway to future generations.

HEALTHY MODALITIES for this Rising Sign are—Meditation, cooking, studying about finances, volunteering with children, Yoga, Tai Chi, bicycling, Science-based techniques (biofeedback, virtual experiences.)

Notable Cancer Rising Signs—Julia Roberts, Stephen Spielberg, Angelina Jolie, Ben Affleck, Stephen King.



The Moon represents our ability to Receive, to handle Finances, and to Share who we are on a visceral level. This is important to know and do in order to harmonize our thoughts with our emotions so that we may HAVE and RECEIVE our truest desires. The Moon sign is often associated to the unconscious connection we have to our mother and the negative feelings of influence that limit emotional expression.

Cancer Moon—is very, very attached to the mother from pre-birth. The perception of the Mother is that she’s overwhelmed, a victim, and/or angry and at least—an overachiever. This Moon sign tends to emulate the mother’s behavior. This makes it difficult for the Cancer moon to feel safe when feeling or hearing anger. They set up a protective space and minimize another person’s anger by ‘checking out emotionally’ or laughing.

Although this tends to leave Cancer Moon attracting masculine or wounded women to them for whom they feel the need to care for or protect. When this moon sign is ready to feel their feelings deeply, they can be the most tender of caregivers without giving themselves up in the process.

It’s crucial that all healing be done though their awareness of early years and associations with the mother. When the Cancer moon feels insecure they look to the maternal parent to heal the wound. If there’s no communication between the Cancer Moon and the mother, then the Cancer Moon must realize that it has a defense system in place. Letting down the defensive walls makes it easier to allow itself to feel all feelings…and to stop apologizing to everyone for everything!

Playing music is a wonderful way for Cancer moon to unlock protected feelings. They also need a lot of gentle touch to help them relax. Cancer moon needs alone time to let the feelings settle and process. Writing exercises about the attachment to mother and needs from mother can effectively reverse negative memories, as can Neuro Emotional Technique. This person has a need to take care of other creatures, not just humans! I wonder how many ‘cat ladies’ are Cancer moons?

Their financial dealings are adept and sharp, especially as they make peace with their emotions. To them, Money = Self Worthiness.

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