As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation.

CAPRICORN December 21 to January 19/20. Capricorn is an Earth sign and is guided by (sometimes Capricorn’s feel ruled by) the planet Saturn.
SATURN is the brick wall you hit when fear shrieks up behind you.

  • Saturn is the one that made you think of fear in the first place.
  • Saturn helped to build the brick wall, too.
  • Saturn sets structure and discipline.  Meditate for hours under Saturn’s rule and your knees will bleed.
  • Saturn knows how to spell ambition…that would be with lots of dollar signs.
  • Saturn knows how to make the Sun go away and come again another day. Saturn guides Capricorn…That half goat, half dolphin creature. What is that thing anyway?
  • Saturn can climb every mountain and swim in the ancient knowledge of the Divine. Saturn reminds you of your true path and how to stay on it.
  • Saturn is the one who invented stop signs (and law suits) so we can remember where we’re going.
  • Saturn is so warm on the inside let’s move to the desert. But on the outside, Saturn is chilly. Need a sweater?

CAPRICORNS are stoic, responsible, ambitious, devout, quick witted, cautious, and dedicated to Divine truth.

MUNDANE Caps are workaholics. They try to cut corners and still come out on top. They are cold and cutting especially when someone needs their help. Sometimes they give you a “get over it” attitude because they haven’t really successfully felt anything in years. They expect perfection and expect you’ll probably never live up to their standards. How condescending! They are fear-based and worry, worry, worry until they wrinkle or go grey prematurely. They usually assume the “emotionally absent parent” role in any relationship. They are easily addicted to chemicals to calm their frantic, worrisome emotional state.

ESOTERIC Caps have the discipline of a disciple. They value the ritual and are dedicated to the structure of life, society, and the law. They obey with respect. We can benefit from their ancient wisdom of the Universe. They are the wise ones who take their time to travel to the peak of perfection. They are the humble ones who give their lives so others could live. They sacrifice for the Whole. They are spiritual poets. Capricorns are a tough act to follow. And once they stop beating themselves up for thinking they’ve done something ‘wrong,’ they really know how to make us laugh!



When Capricorn is on the rise, the planet Saturn guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

BUSINESS: No doubt about it…What would help the Mundane Capricorn Rising sign is to discover their dramatic wound that stops them from receiving. As soon as they do this, their natural talents spring forward and they stop debasing themselves for not being worthy. There’s an echoing sense of being wrong or not fulfilling their spiritual promise or vow.

Cap Rising signs have the work ethic of a perfectionist and never cut corners. This makes them meticulous when it comes to the details of their work. They excel at teaching systems or psychological concepts or spiritual ideals–any area that would help to perfect the functionality of a person or their approach to life.

They can make money through technology, with computers, film, acting, writing, music, higher thinking, revolutionary ideals, and via spiritual and financial leadership roles.

Living in a space that feels exciting to come home to is essential. They need to feel alive where they live since their minds are weighted with heavier matters of service. Home is absolutely where the heart is!

ROMANCE is a matter of loyalty to them. They need partners who are equally dedicated to them and the Capricorn Rising sign will write poetry for their romantic partners (and change their flat tires in winter).

They often become great friends to their children, offering a strong sense of security, order and beauty.

The difficulty comes when they feel the need to be needed so badly, that they take on the needy at every turn. Boundaries are needed to stop this inclination and to dedicate their time and resources to communicating spiritual truths that support equality.

Capricorn Rising sign needs to stop feeling the need to speak for, or control, their partners. Pulling back shows them to trust that their needs will be met and that they needn’t do everything all the time to be deemed worthy. Service at the sake of oneself becomes denial. This is a huge problem area for this Rising sign.

Once they relax and stop being so hard on themselves for being ‘wrong,’ or ‘inadequate’ they start to lighten up on themselves and attract multitude of opportunities to help others. Boundaries. Boundaries. Boundaries.

Healthy modalities: This Rising sign exercises only 50% of the time!  Capricorn Rising sign needs to have a little bit of exercise everyday to keep them from accumulating respiratory and arm difficulties (and to get them away from work)! Mixing up the variety of work-outs is key to keep boredom at bay. Meditation, chanting, yoga, tai chi, weights. Running is not recommended as this Rising sign has vulnerability in their knees.

Notable Capricorn Rising Signs—Sean Connery, Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth l and ll, Jane Fonda, Sophia Lauren, Paul Newman, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Bradbury, and Elaine Marolakos Edelson.


The Moon represents our ability to Receive, to handle Finances, and to Share who we are on a visceral level. This is important to know and do in order to harmonize our thoughts with our emotions so that we may HAVE and RECEIVE our truest desires. The Moon sign is often associated to the unconscious connection we have to our mother and the negative feelings of influence that limit emotional expression.

Capricorn Moon—has quite a defense system that translates into a tough Ego state. Their motto is ‘To deny the self until further notice.’ And to alleviate the pressure while its so hard on itself Capricorn Moon often delves into addiction (smoking, drinking, drugs, sex without boundaries or just plain giving too much).

The relationship to the Mother is one of hardship and emotional burden. The Capricorn Moon often feels responsible for the struggles of the mother and assumes a martyrdom attitude. This often translates into attracting a very controlling mate or difficulty making ends meet financially. Capricorn Moon adopts the role as caregiver and loses itself in the process.  Emotions are tough for Cap Moon to feel as they are a reminder of guilt and inadequacy.

Capricorn Moon benefits by emotion-freeing practices such as: standing on a trampoline and falling backwards, cinematic music, and engaging in anger-release counseling. Finances sometimes stall for this Moon sign but a clear sign to look for in the denial of feelings is this—A Capricorn Moon will either have enough money to get by OR it will have a deep and abiding relationship, but won’t allow itself to have both simultaneously. When the Capricorn Moon is ready to stop being so corporal and allow itself to feel, thereby releasing guilt and punishment, it attracts enormous wealth and intimacy.

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