As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. 

GEMINI May 20/21 to June 20. The planet Mercury guides the written word and the signs of Virgo and Gemini. Oh those details, details, details.

Mercury is the messenger. Ya’ know…the FTD florist guy with a lot to say.

  • Mercury means, talk talk talk. Yada yada yada. Step lively and keep moving.
  • Telecommunications rely on the quickness and accuracy of delivery, so when Mercury is Retrograde, Yikes…
  • Communicate, analyze, and see things for what they are.
  • OR…nosy, gossipy, hypercritical, and nervous, gum-chewing indecisiveness. What a headache!
  • Mercury also deals with our siblings and short trips..(They can be headaches, too!)

GEMINI folks are on the go! They love to travel or at least talk about it. They have a need to communicate.  They’re attempting to harmonize thoughts with intuition in order to activate and realize their Soul’s agenda. Sometimes they get stuck in thoughts and that stops them from acting. Sometimes they don’t think and act first. Oops.

MUNDANE Gems are extremely rigid and become stuck doing things one way. They dictate and analyze instead of intuiting. They judge everyone and measure themselves by the passage of time. Geminis say, “I’m 30 already. I should have a family and money in the bank….Donald Trump had it by the time he was 27.” They do this because they believe that the mind is in control and that they can think their way past and over feelings. They become immobilized in their judgments. They miss the joke because they spend too much time analyzing and criticizing the words.

ESOTERIC Gemini folks know that they don’t always know. They seek out teachers and then share with others. They look to integrate their duality by “doing unto others.”  They are wonderful friends because they are so giving and forgiving. They can talk about anything because they travel to gain knowledge and wisdom…and all just for the fun of it. They are great at managing or networking people. They see the possibilities between different ideologies. When they articulate, oh what a healing!



When Gemini is on the rise, the planet Mercury guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

When Gemini is on the Rise in a person’s chart, fleeting moments make up their spontaneous and superficial experiences. On the darker side, Gemini Rising sign has a nervous energy that results in spastic decisions or impetuous actions and extreme opinions. There’s a real mistrust of experience and belief on a deeper, spiritual and intuitive level.

What would help them is a commitment to a belief that shows positive results, and to follow through with dedicated action to determine if the FEELINGS associated with that experience speak their truth.

If the experience does not speak their truth then it’s important for this Rising sign not to judge the experience or people associated with it. No time is ever wasted when a person is determining truth from a place of compassion.

Money can be made through writing, women’s and children’s issues, setting new structures for health, healing, and through financial institutions. In many cases Gemini Rising sees only one way of enacting business and resists change for fear of losing ‘time’ and not just money.

Their ideas about finances, health, and healing practices can be uncomfortable for others depending upon HOW the Esoteric Gem Rising chooses to express themselves. (Sometimes they can be overzealous in their speech!)

Alcoholism and/or addictive or critical judgmental behavior (such as fundamentalism) surrounds this Gemini Rising sign youngster. Once this person uncovers their inner sense of security they remove the judgments surrounding their belief about their original Source. Then they begin to experiment more easily with different cultures and belief systems and come to see the whole world as merely a reflection of their own possibility.

Gemini Rising signs are true humanitarians and look for a cause to serve. Their methods of problem solving are unique and based in fairness. Esoteric Gemini Rising signs use unusual methods to generate global healing. They might become Network Chiropractors, Micro-Bankers, ‘New-Age’ economists or authors of controversial and timely topics that generate awareness.

They have a company of active friends from diverse cultures. These groups and associations help this Rising sign to bridge their mental gap to HOW something might be accomplished.

Romantic relationships need to be based upon a practical and compassionate philosophy with lots of freedom to explore new territories together. If this Rising sign has attracted a judgmental partner then their deeper identity is lost in insecurity and they become conflicted about beliefs—’what’s really true for me and for them?’ Conversely (as with dual signs) this Rising sign takes on a personal challenge to reshape a person’s thinking, even at the sake of their own marital happiness!

Finances are best approached by technological means, nurturing occupations, writing and journalism, as well as the food industry.

It would help this Rising sign greatly to stop their inner criticism (that was most likely passed on by the more feminine parent) and focus on the abundance of life. This parent gave the perception that in order to flourish, one must accept fault and blame even when it doesn’t apply. This perception gave this Rising sign a false impression of self-truth.

Healing modalities best suited are experiential. This Rising sign must FEEL if a way is their truth or not. Too much talking in traditional psychological counseling might help to lay the foundation for healing, but this Rising sign likes to trick themselves into believing that ‘talking’ their way out of a deep-seated pattern is possible.

KEY mantra for this Rising sign: If I start to think about the experience I’m having, I’ll stop having the experience.

Notable Gemini Rising Signs—Julianne Moore, Christina Applegate, Neil Armstrong, Bruce Springsteen, Orson Welles, Steffi Graff, Drew Barrymore.



This moon sign intellectualizes their feelings. How do they know that they’re doing this? Because they think about their feelings instead of feeling them and this can keep them up ALL….NIGHT…LONG…..tired yet? The relationship and perception to Mother is at best curious and in many cases, obligatory. Gemini moon perceived mother as psychotic on some level—bouncing from extreme emotion to denial of emotion and in all cases as a victim who did their best to control their environment.

In any case the Gemini moon has very little compassion or patience for weepy emotions in their environment, especially their own.

The best way to remedy this is to first understand this—The moment you start thinking about an experience you’re having is the moment you stop having the experience.  Next explore biofeedback games and technology and deep meditations such as Holosync technology and Theta wave brain entrainment audios, as these methods bypass the thought process and help the Gemini Moon to feel their feelings, instead of analyzing them, and to understand that THEY are the experience. That the feelings are moving through them. Once they do this, they attract more nurturing women and men to them and heal their financial debts.

Speaking of financial debts, the Gemini Moon enters extreme periods of wealth or debt as they learn to identify their feelings as FEELINGS, instead of as thoughts.

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