As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation.

LEO July 20/21 to August 21/22 The Sun Guides Leo.

SUN Is the Light, ego, and the basic essence of you.

  • The Sun brings power to your sign.
  • The Sun shines in the limelight or wants to knock the daylight out of its competitor.
  • The Sun leads the way and hopes to educate and illuminate the children of Earth.
  • The Sun warms us and we feel all cuddly…
  • OR the Sun will end up feeling burned if it doesn’t get the right kind of praise.
  • Pride goeth before the Sun because the Sun guides…at least 50% of all Leos.

LEO folks are Proud, gentle creatures who need lots and lots of strokes in order to shine brightly.

When reading the following, keep in mind that we are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Leos have a way of making you feel inadequate. This is because their concept of sharing is distorted. They believe the people of Earth are here to give to them. They’re not mean, it’s just that nothing is ever enough for them because, let’s face it…no one can outshine a Leo. They dictate and rule but you will never be enough. It sure is lonely at the top, though. Their inner wound of ‘not being enough’ runs deeper than you’ll ever see.

ESOTERIC Leos give and give. They’re so uncomfortable receiving because they’re so very sensitive and wound easily. So in their minds, it’s better to receive by giving. Giving is how a Leo feels needed. They are the consummate doting parent. They have a creative mind and bring laughter to every event. They make wonderful teachers, entertainers, business partners and best friends. They give great big hugs. Leos need to be aware of their spines (support system) and their hearts (flow of love) so they can give to themselves as much as they give to others. Once Leo realizes that they are enough and can share enough they stop looking for validation and receive their due.



When Leo is on the rise, the Sun guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

MUNDANE Leo Rising signs are just plain dictatorial and outright controlling. It’s not comfortable for some Leo Rising to accept responsibility for causing discomfort or harm as they feign detachment from your situation after they’ve dropped a bomb in your mind. YET they are the first to accuse you of doing something to cause harm to them.

Mundane Leo Rising is self-serving but can appear to be leading the group. Mundane Leo Rising is often referred to as the King or Queen of the Zodiac and for just a cause…and make it all about them.

They only call you when they need something. They can only relate to you from a position of ‘perceived’ power. They don’t have intimate relationships. They can’t forgive.

Geez, these Rising signs need a hug!

ESOTERIC Leo Rising Signs are considered Royalty of the Zodiac. They can be the leaders of their families and of their peers. They seek solutions for others and tend to forget their own needs. It’s key for someone with this rising sign to allow themselves to be nurtured, to let go of the control to receive.

When they do this, they can be humbled beyond words and find their Divinity without any trouble.

Esoteric Leo Rising is often concerned with children’s issues or helping women become independent. A lot of this comes from a difficult relationship to their masculine parent and as a result, watching their feminine parent take on too much burden or unfairness.

This Rising sign exudes a magnetism and is very self-conscious and self aware. This can make them uncomfortably shy or adverse to attention. (Esp if their Sun Sign is a water sign such as Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.) This also makes it difficult to have a deep and intimate relationship in their twenties and thirties as they’re not comfortable with expressing their deeper feelings. Instead, they’ll attach to a mate with a cause in mind to right injustice and to search for self-meaning with this partner.

Private individuals such as these make profound statements from the privacy of their homes and offices. Their notoriety reaches far. It would help this Rising sign to discover a practical spirituality that speaks in ways far greater than words.

Depending upon their Sun sign (Esp Air or Fire) these Rising Signs can be quite vocal in a Leonian fashion. They’ll roar and get noticed to bring attention to their cause. They must be careful of placing self-critical assessments on their own value…(“I don’t do enough to make this much money…or I don’t deserve to have, when people are starving..” attitudes.)

Drama comes naturally to these folks and they make fine orators, actors, astrologers, health practitioners, and politicians. They have a way to bring harmony to and sense to intellectual matters.

Leo Rising can be magnanimous and have a keen sense of action and dedication.

HEALTHY MODALITIES: since they do need more attention than most, they would find great solace in self-love practices such as meditation, healthy heart diets, dancing, and group organizations where they can feel needed. Their bones, skin, teeth, and joints need extra protection as they age.

Famous Leo Rising Signs—Justin Timberlake, Robert Downey Jr. Elton John, Marilyn Monroe, Celine Dion, Muhammad Ali, Al Gore.


The Moon represents our ability to Receive, to handle Finances, and to Share who we are on a visceral level. This is important to know and do in order to harmonize our thoughts with our emotions so that we may HAVE and RECEIVE our truest desires. The Moon sign is often associated to the unconscious connection we have to our mother and the negative feelings of influence that limit emotional expression.

Leo Moon-is always looking for outside validation that says, “YOU ARE ENOUGH.” These are very artistic and intuitive folks, but they have a tendency to hold their feelings until they explode or attract anger to them. The perception of Mother is alas, a deeply wounded one. Leo Moon’s mother is most likely a victim with suppressed rage. This led to the negation of any feeling Leo Moon had. If Leo Moon cried, Leo Moon’s mother said, ” Why are you crying? There’s nothing to cry about,” thereby invalidating the reality of the emotion for Leo Moon. Leo moon loves to parent! They’ll sink their money into everyone’s ideas but not see a return until they, themselves trust that THEY ARE ENOUGH.

It’s important for Leo moon to stop looking to others for validation. (Parenting helps them to feel needed!) This makes them needy and dependent and lean toward addiction in the early years.  Leo Moon needs to stop needing others and to look inward for love. Once they start to feel great about the dinner they just made or the jacket they’ve just sewed WITHOUT TELLING OTHERS WHAT THEY’VE DONE then they’re on their way to being recognized by the world in huge ways. Leo Moon needs to look in the mirror each day and say aloud, “I am enough. I matter because my matter is DIVINE. This is how I feel. I love myself no matter who else sees me!”

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