Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury Retrogrades

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Mercury in Retrograde 2017



2017 Mercury in Retrogrades

(December 8, 2016) ending January 8 in Sagittarius

April 9 to May 3 in Taurus

August 12 to September 5 in Virgo

December 2/3 to December 22 in Sagittarius

Always 10 days to either side of any retrograde before rebooting technology or your brain! 
As the planet alters its rotation you’ll begin to feel the shift.


Things to keep in mind when losing your mind in a Mercury in Retrograde:

1. Always allow for extra time.

2. Don’t assume anything. Double check information. mercuryretropeople

3. Keep important papers on you when traveling (and bring snacks as delays are inevitable in a retrograde)!

4. Sometimes folks just disappear into their own worlds and you won’t hear from them for a while!

5. Listen to others as they share information that they normally wouldn’t and it helps you to understand the bigger picture.

6. Others leave out key information (not on purpose) and you don’t get to see the bigger picture so that’s why I say DOUBLE CHECK INFO.

7. Not the time to initiate NEW business or make major declarations.

8. Not the time to purchase technology or have it repaired—if you have to, save receipts.

9. Not the time to buy major purchases like cars, phones, devices, furniture, houses.

10. The purpose of any retrograde is to go within and see what’s REturning for REview or for REevaluation or REnegotiation or RElease.

11. The past comes back in a Retrograde to ask you, “Are you done with me yet?”

12. Construction seems to spring up everywhere (especially at hotels or on major roads) so check ahead.


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