As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation.

SAGITTARIUS November 21/22 to December 21.  Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Well, “rules” isn’t really the correct word. Let’s call it “guides,” yep much better. Jupiter likes to make it better.

JUPITER is the biggest, the jolliest, most generous energy going.

  • Jupiter loves to laugh and drink and eat and give and splurge and write. Come to think of it, the Moon likes to write, too…but Jupiter knows all the publishing agencies.
  • Jupiter will talk it up on the road. It loves, and I mean LOVES to travel and meet other cultures.
  • When Jupiter is overwhelmed with extravagance, it doesn’t know when to stop.
  • Jupiter gained a lot of weight one holiday, but she knew how to laugh it off. Kinda made things jollier.
  • Jupiter is very forgiving of other people’s foibles. One thing, though, about Jupiter…he gets really judgmental when he doesn’t know how to give. Then Jupiter becomes afraid of losing all the abundance and becomes arrogant or miserly. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too much.

SAGITTARIANS are always on the go. They have definite opinions, sometimes rigid ones, but bright philosophical natures. They’re neck and neck in the ‘workaholic relay race’ with Capricorns. Many Sagittarians start out with health problems in life and/or enter the health or healing or spiritual field whilst looking for their truth.

When reading the following, keep in mind that we are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Sag’s are always judging the other guy. They have little self-esteem. They always attract masculine authority challenges to get them to see that their own masculine side is extremely negative. They lose touch with their feelings and as a result, place importance on having stuff. All their ‘stuff’ helps to hide their insecurity and the fact that they have little to talk about. They have security or theft issues and eventually lose their stuff. They choose not to share anything and this gets them little in return. They haven’t figured out they’re sitting in judgment over themselves and who they think they should be. They get robbed and sued or stalked a lot.  They have minimal faith or belief in equality or abundance. On a deep level, they believe in a judgmental God if any God at all.

ESOTERIC Sag’s zip around the world (or library or park or ashram or church) in search of the absolute truth and then share what they’ve learned with their friends and families. They’re a wealth of information and want to bring everyone up the ladder with them. They love to learn and teach, especially with diverse cultures. Once they trust their wisdom, they make sensitive teachers. Esoteric Sagittarians are in awe of Creation, of the Cosmos, and of your profession. They’ll make you laugh and invite you to share in a diverse dinner party. They love to bring the people of the world together. Once Sag learns to respect all cultures they’re great at setting boundaries by having a strong sense of Values.



When Sagittarius is on the rise, the planet Jupiter guides the theme of a person’s astrological chart.

RELATIONSHIPS: This Rising sign is very sensitive and as children, have a natural fear of loud noises or masculine authority figures. Either the masculine parent is absent, loud, or controlling, and this stifles this Rising sign’s masculine side.

Early home life for this sign (depending upon other aspects in their natal chart) signify either a deep and spiritual relationship to the mother OR a dysfunctional relationship due to the mother’s dependence on chemicals (or addiction to the father who was on chemicals).

The bigger challenge for this Rising sign is cynicism and skepticism regarding religious or authoritative figures. This brings up judgment or feelings of lack on a deeper level.

Having an eclectic knowledge base, they show people that judgments are not necessary when we understand and accept diversity instead of fearing it. But often they’ll attract partners in business or in marriage, that are extreme in the emotional sense: either lacking sensitivity or highly emotional.

This ‘bi-polar’ energy in their nature or with mates, often stems from their own unconscious projection of wanting to trust, yet rejecting authority or spirituality. What would help Sag Rising is a spiritual practice that yields results in trust! Meditation is key for this Rising Sign!

BUSINESS: Sag Rising Sign sometimes has trouble with money because of self worth issues. They feel they have to DESERVE their income or salary and on a deeper level challenge themselves to prove their worth in the world and often fall into a spiraling trap of loss…just making enough, then having to spend it on excess bills.

Sag Rising sign needs to have a mentor regarding money and get advice from a trusted individual with integrity, who already knows how to make money.

When they can acknowledge themselves for being worthy, the stop having financial issues. Sag Rising can make a lot of money through and for, health, healing, religious and spiritual causes, and entertainment fields.

Having a sound, solid financial base lends security that gives this Rising sign the freedom to express their unique views. They make excellent champions for those less fortunate, writers, artists, photographers, architects, musicians, and public officials.

Sagittarius Rising signs love to learn, especially through technology or unique means. Once they trust their wisdom, they make sensitive teachers.

These Rising signs are in awe of Creation, of the Cosmos, and of your profession. They’ll make you laugh and invite you to share in a diverse dinner party. They love to bring the people of the world together, especially through religion, education, travel, and entertainment.

Once Sag learns to respect all cultures they’re great at setting boundaries by having a strong sense of Values—this is when opportunity expands and they’re showered with more than they need then turn around and share it with you!

HEALTHY MODALITIES: Sag Rising sign needs to be careful of sugar, digestion, their kidneys, thigh muscles and liver. Too many carbs equals high cholesterol or stressors on the kidneys. Hiking, walking, bike riding in nature, yoga and weight lifting are tremendous ways to assist their need for security within their own bodies.

Notable Sag Rising Signs—Robert Duvall, Coco Chanel, Bob Dylan, Jodie Foster, Elvis Presley, Hermann Hesse, Kevin Kline, Prince William, and Leonardo da Vinci.



This moon sign sees mother as either lacking in fairness or power. Either way, when this moon sign feels, it tends to judge the feelings on a philosophical level…not owning the emotions, but attempting to justify them and as a result, attracts manipulative romantic partners in the process.

These partners are a reminder that the Sag Moon mistrusts the feelings it had in its earlier years. Biofeedback type of counseling assists greatly in the release of negative self-esteem. Financial matters come in feast or famine situations but Sagittarius Moon always attracts money! When they accept their feelings (instead of judging them) as part of the process of life, more money flows.

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