As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. 

SCORPIO the Scorpion. SCORPIO is a WATER sign. October 23 to November 21/22. The planet (now dwarf star) Pluto guides Scorpio.

Scorpions sting themselves to transform shadows into light and the phoenix rising above all mundane levels. Fly me, I’m Pluto, a ride to your core that you’ll never forget.

  • Pluto is the nebula, the inner cosmos, the land that time forgot.
  • Pluto represents your psyche; the very shore of your unconscious and non-conscious self.
  • Pluto sets depth charges to clear the debris from your resistant mind.
  • Pluto has but one truth and nothing but the truth so help yourself, ’cause you can’t get away from Pluto’s subconscious death/rebirth cycles.
  • Pluto helps you to regenerate life, but if you get stuck in jealousy or with sexual notions, Pluto will stalk you with obsessive thoughts.
  • Pluto will implode if it doesn’t explode.
  • Pluto is kind enough to those who are willing to know their Source.
  • Pluto alters reality in a second…with or without you.

SCORPIONS are powerful, magnetic, psychological, inspirational, great builders and destroyers. There are those occasional Scorpions who want nothing of depth so they’ll only swim in shallow waters.

When reading the following, keep in mind that you are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Scorpions can sting you if you don’t bow to their command. They’re sometimes caustic when angered. They live for self-gratification. They can be surfacey and shallow. They can use sex to seduce and control and sometimes slay. They are the shadow and the shadow knows how to scare the bejeebers out of you. They are stingy and secretive. They can psychologically outmaneuver you to attain anything. They’re so ‘in your face,’ they even scare Stephen King.

ESOTERIC Scorpions are so patient and loving. They’re able to mentally intuit what you need. They understand the psyche and how to help educate the children of Earth. They are fun and chatty. They possess a depth that teaches us not to be afraid of the dark or of our unconscious selves. They serve the causes of the world like Mother Theresa on a mission. They know. They communicate only when necessary. They engage in deep, sexual healing with such sweetness. They help take the pain away. They need to stand up to the masculine authorities in life and realize their own power.



When Scorpio is on the rise, Pluto guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.
Scorpio Rising signs are intense. The men are usually more subdued, or at least less in your face, than the women Scorpio Rising signs. A sense of needing to overcome a power struggle is strong in the earlier years, usually because of masculine abuse or being controlled by—or completely abandoned by—the feminine parent. This  early trauma or power struggle shapes this Rising sign’s need to command or exercise some sort of power in relationships later on in life.
RELATIONSHIPS: Although at first, the Scorpio Rising sign struggles with partnerships, eventually, once they’re more comfortable with being in a position of influence, they can harmonize their relationships in business and in romance. The pitfalls are when this Rising sign becomes a parent to their partner (in business or in marriage) OR is parented or controlled by them. The power plays and manipulation that ensues is meant only for night-time tv drama. They  need to watch their dark sides, too. This can lead them into victimization or self-abuse through numbing chemicals and feelings.
This Rising sign can be sexy, seductive, or at least able to charm the skin off of a snake! They’re magnetism extends to beyond words or actions. They can be very persuasive in anything they do, just by being present.
Ideally, when this Rising sign can use their intuition more, trust it, then apply it toward practical business matters (or in relationships) they learn the meaning of profound belonging and service—which is their deep desire on a core level.
This Rising sign is definitely more intense than a Scorpio Sun sign.
BUSINESS: This Rising sign is symbolized by the scorpion that can sting with witticism, sarcasm, and deep and profound truths that go to core. This Rising sign is a formidable business adversary, so be aware that they’ll champion your cause to the very end and protect you along the way, but if you betray them, not only will they sever ties, but linger on your conscious (unconscious) mind like an intentional haunting. Their methods for building and reconstructing the psyche results in expertise in contractual business, law, investigative professions, psychologists, and construction, too, anywhere they’re able to ‘breakdown the outdated structure’ to rebuild it. This Rising sign knows how to make money! They just need to be careful of spending it too quickly as are powerfully charitable.

If this Rising sign has trouble making money, they need to get into counseling pronto to address their sense of ‘lack of power’ or childhood memories of trauma or abuse by the masculine parent. Once they let go of the ‘melodrama’ of the story, they open up to become powerful healing facilitators on this earth by redistributing the planet’s wealth.

HEALING MODALITIES: Body parts include the pelvis, reproductive and sexual organs, colon and sweat glands. When this Rising sign has trouble delegating life’s details or tasks (giving up control, essentially) or when they have difficulty in personal relationships (setting healthy boundaries with their own energies and then with others) they tend to suffer from pelvic, hormonal, or psychological issues. A sudden deep depression or testicular or ovary ‘dis-ease’ shows up only as a reminder for them to get to the bottom of their own psyche and work out the trouble of either owning their own power or abusing it.

This Rising sign needs a ritual that borders on mysticism: meditation, chanting, prayer, tai chi. They also need to be near the water to help soothe their intensity.

Notable Scorpio Rising Signs: Nicole Kidman, Napoleon Bonaparte, Clint Eastwood, Grace Kelly, River Phoenix, Marquis de Sade, Robin Williams, and Sigmund Freud.


Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon has feelings too deep to articulate sometimes. Often, the relationship to the mother creates deep-seated anger or feelings of betrayal. Even if dad was the perpetrator, and mom was a victim…where was she to protect her very sensitive Scorpio Moon baby?

Scorpio Moon viewed mom as a passive manipulator or someone who was manipulated by emotions—and in either case was unable to give the Scorpio Moon child  a healthy model or outlet for emoting.

Scorpio Moon needs to feel safe on many levels to stand up to authority figures and feel their anger to express in healthy ways. When Scorpio Moon is able to tap into the wealth of feelings, beyond desire or immediate gratification, they’re able to heal in profound ways. At that point, Scorpio moon is able to manifest at will, literally!

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