As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation.

TAURUS April 20 to May 20/21. The planet Venus gently (or vainly) guides the air sign of Libra and the earth sign of Taurus. Some astrologers, including myself, believe that the planet Earth guides Taurus…ah, grazin’ in the grass is so real.

VENUS is the pleasure of it all, not just of love, but of beauty, protection and art.

  • Venus sounds like Mozart and feels like silk.
  • Venus makes your garden grow.
  • Venus shows up at every contested event to weigh the scales for truth.
  • Venus is gracious, charming, fashionable and fair.
  • Venus is financially aware and in your face about it.
  • On every third Tuesday in some nightclub, Venus is also found debauching it’s insatiable self and going to the rest room to put on even more rude colored lipstick…that isn’t even his shade!
  • Venus painted that picture with the dogs playing poker. Wow, tacky.
  • Venus looks for a partner to know the joy of itself and the other.
  • When Venus is planted on a notion, though, whew…talk about stubborn!

TAUREANS are Earth lovers, sensual, artistic, grounded, practical, romantic, financially focused, loyal, stubborn, and possessive.

When reading the following, keep in mind that you are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Bulls are brick walls. They think they know it all, have to have it all, and are control freaks. They get stuck in physical pleasures like eating and smoking and have a perfect justification for their behavior. When they go the opposite way and start dieting, then that’s the way everyone should go, too. They’re emotionally insecure and project that onto partners thereby attracting childish mates. They can’t think beyond the ‘box.’  They piss off lots of people with their superior attitude by always telling them what to do and how. They deny how sensitive they are, yet are wounded by every goddamned thing you say and charge at you with empty threats. They don’t know how to manage money either so they hoard.

ESOTERIC Bulls are great healing facilitators. They are extremely intuitive and can articulate feelings. They bridge the gap between feeling and thinking for the world through healing, finances, beauty and art. They set a pace for those who need to learn from endurance. They are the most loyal of all the signs and look for moments to just “be” with you. They make great sisters and brothers and encourage instead of push or threaten. These bulls have a tough time allowing themselves to receive—they don’t feel worthy—but when they do, oh, are they abundant and share the wealth! That’s when they teach what abundance can mean. They’re dedicated to knowing, by having and sharing, and teaching that abundance is gotten from the inside out.


When Taurus is on the rise, the planet Venus guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart. 

Taurus Rising Signs are almost as impatient with their feelings as their Aries Rising friends. Taurus Rising is so very sensitive to noise in the early years. It’s an indication of how much they hate being rushed or pushed to do something. Too much motion can feel like way too much noise. This is when rock-hard stubbornness sets in. You cannot push your  Taurus Rising sign to go faster than she is comfortable going.

These rising signs are very cautious of the world. They have a single-mindedness that is sometimes too controlling. It has to be their way or no way at all. And no way at all means failure. They just plain hate to lose…losing their possession is their greatest fear and sometimes those closest to them are considered possession, too. If they attach to you, then they’ll need to know where you are, why you’re there, when you’re leaving, why you’re leaving and why you’re not taking them with you.

Taurus Rising sign doesn’t see this as possession, but rather specificity and literal communication. They’d like you to be exact, if you please.

Sarcasm is the preferred way of communication. When they feel threatened, or out of control (not having something they think they need,) they hold in their feelings until they blow! Take cover. But if your Taurus Rising sign lover gets to this point, they’ve been holding some scary vibes and need tender, loving patience! You see, they don’t want to explode or get angry so they hold it in, but it stockpiles…hence the kablooey. Encourage them to vent often!

What’s really going on is that they need to be reassured during insecure moments that there are solutions they’ve not thought of yet. Material things get their attention and they’ll use attachment to material things as a replacement for deep connections.

Taurus Rising can be judgmental of how things need to be done since they have a way that gives them security. If they cannot ‘see’ your way, they’ll resist you.

When Mundane Taurus Rising is given room in which to grow without controlling parents, but instead with supportive ones, they’ll have much more freedom within. Once they have more freedom within, they’ll allow themselves to step into the world with more enthusiasm instead of caution and doubt.

Taurus Rising signs are reliable and keen with senses. As soon as they curb judgments and EVALUATE a situation instead, they’ll move quicker in life and with confidence. These folks are soothing and make great nurtures in the world of culinary arts, finances, and aesthetics. In fact, music and art are great inspirations to them and they often find their deeper relationships to partners through the arts and the physical form; dance, body work, yoga, fashion, and believe it or not…tattoos!

It’s key for this Rising sign to connect to their inner sense of RESOURCE to be more comfortable in their own skin and in contributing to the world. They feel supportive to be around because they truly care about their friends and family.

If they overindulge in food or drink or the pleasures of life, they tend to feel heavy and stuck or sleepy—like a lazy ol’ bull put to pasture.

This Rising sign likes to work solo and care for others without being told what to do. What would serve them best is to learn how to utilize their empathic nature to work with others and to EQUALLY receive comfortably.

This Rising sign needs to get their hands on things in the literal sense to know what things mean to them. They have a great love for the body, healing the body, knowing the sensations of the body. They don’t like to be uncomfortable!

This Rising sign is dedicated to serving the needs of the physical in others. They make great artists, musicians, chefs, mediators, body workers, dancers, and financial advisors.

Depending upon certain aspects in their charts, these Rising signs also bring new thought to the planet with regard to our origins. They like to pose philosophical and scientific questions that take you out of your attachments and into a nurturing Divine place. They like to make you think!

Healthy modalities are: massage or Network chiropracty, to get the stubbornness out of their necks, along with Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro-Emotional Technique—as those modalities offer a safe way of releasing pent up emotions! Gardening, cooking, art, holy shrines, small trips to museums and arboretums also help inspire and soothe them.

Notable Taurus Rising Signs: Mae West, George Lucas, Dan Rather, Nikola Tessla, Cloris Leachman, Dionne Warwick, Fritjof Capra, Dr. Martin Luther King, Amelia Earhart, Ani Chodrin, Dean Edelson, and David Letterman.



The Moon represents our ability to Feel, to allow ourselves to Receive, to handle Finances, and to Share who we are on a visceral level. This is important to know and do in order to harmonize our thoughts with our emotions so that we may HAVE and RECEIVE our truest desires. The Moon sign is often associated to the unconscious connection we have to our mother and the negative feelings of influence that limit emotional expression.

Taurus Moon—needs proof of security, security, security! They tend to go after partners with money or high paying jobs that don’t necessarily nurture creativity. The perception of their Mother was one of struggle. In many cases the parents were separated or divorced or dividing ‘security’ in the home. This moon sign can find security in learning to trust that the negative emotions are not permanent, nor are they harmful. This moon sign equates feeling negative emotions with instability and lack of security.  On the brighter side, as Taurus Moon places value on a sense of their own worth, their money-making ideas flourish!

The best remedy for this Moon sign is to engage in emotive counseling, such as Gestalt or punching pillows and screaming in a car with the windows closed in order to feel their anger at being insecure. There’s a lot of denied and suppressed anger so it’s important to have a regular routine of release. Once they can relate to themselves at this level of feeling, they feel safer in their own skin and therefore attract safer opportunities.

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