As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation.

VIRGO August 22 to September 21/22. Virgo is guided by the planet Mercury.

MERCURY is the messenger. Ya’ know…the FTD florist guy with a lot to say.

  • Mercury means, talk talk talk. Yada yada yada. Step lively and keep moving.
  • Mercury communicates, analyzes, and sees things for what they are.
  • OR it can be nosy, gossipy, hypercritical, and nervous, gum-chewing indecisiveness. What a headache!
  • Mercury also deals with our siblings and short trips..(They can be headaches, too!)
  • Mercury guides the written word and the signs of Virgo and Gemini. Oh, details, details, details.

VIRGO folks are very organized, very meticulous, very exacting of justice.

When reading the following, keep in mind that we are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

MUNDANE Virgos are so sloppy because their world reflects the over stimulated mental synapses. They judge everything and everyone and are snappish in their speech. They hate to be wrong! So they go over every last conversation word by word to defend themselves. They attract bizarre sexual partners or have sexual difficulties in life. The have unreasonable expectations. They’ll think a thought to death and suffer migraines or intense ulcers because their judgments eat them up inside.

ESOTERIC Virgos love to chat and come up with the right solution. Their cause is to promote fair practices everywhere and so they become model citizens. They make terrific editors because they know how to cut through the bull. They search for all types of healers to know themselves inside and out. They make great leaders and partners. They can fold laundry like nobody’s business.



When Virgo is on the rise, the planet Mercury guides the general theme of a person’s astrological chart.

Virgo Rising signs get very attached to the exact details of accomplishing something and ‘supposed to’s.’

In truth, Virgo Rising sign is attempting to judge the world to know it’s place rather than evaluate what’s appropriate, regardless of what other people are doing.

What would help this mundane aspect of Virgo Rising is decide what is of value to them and to find esthetically pleasing things to curb their need to find fault (especially within themselves).

ROMANCE: The more Mundane Virgo Rising signs attract bizarre sexual partners or have sexual difficulties in life. The often have unreasonable expectations and become wounded easily. They search for all types of healers to know themselves inside and out. They make great leaders and partners. But they must be aware of attracting people who need constant help. This is a tell-tale sign that they’re not setting clear and healthy boundaries.

They’re often more reserved in their manner and quite shy romantically. They have a great admiration for intellectual people and wish to participate in think-tanks where they can be of service, but don’t always think that they’re smart enough.

Their biggest challenge lies in having an equal relationship; where they allow themselves to receive on an intimate level. They search for their truth in a practical, yet very creative partner, but will often attract pseudo intellectual partners.

HEALTH They often have difficulty later in life with their teeth, bones, skin, and joints. Yoga would be a great benefit as a daily practice for body/mind connection. This Rising sign tends to think a thought to obsession and might suffer migraines or intense ulcers as a result.

Virgo Rising signs have a tendency to worry about the unknown. They feel out of control to affect positive change, even though they give their all each day. The best thing a Virgo Rising can do in this situation is to IMAGINE the positive outcome to override the worry. Once they realize that worry is another name for ‘fear,’ they’ll see that their thoughts can lead them out of fear and into joy.

FINANCIALLY They can make lump sums but are impetuous in their ideals, ready to give all their money to a lover or to give it all up for the first guru that blows their mind. Virgo Rising would be best suited to a holistic practice or nursing or managerial position so their service is not abused by emotionally unbalanced folks. They’re also very articulate and make terrific songwriters, actors, and designers. They can be very helpful with solutions and ideas for change and can project that image to the world in healthy ways—many times through community services or political associations. It’s for this reason they become great actors and lobbyists! Virgo Rising is very methodical in business once they discover their audience.

HEALTHY MODALITIES: movies, plays, massages, libraries, music, detailed sports/hobbies–such as pool, golf, chess and improvisational groups.

Notable Virgo Rising Signs—Kurt Cobain, Tiger Woods, Warren Beatty, Tom Hanks, K.D. Lang, Shirley MacLaine, Shannon Doherty, and Albert Camus.


The Moon represents our ability to Receive, to handle Finances, and to Share who we are on a visceral level. This is important to know and do in order to harmonize our thoughts with our emotions so that we may HAVE and RECEIVE our truest desires. The Moon sign is often associated to the unconscious connection we have to our mother and the negative feelings of influence that limit emotional expression.

Virgo Moon—is by far the most self critical of all the moon signs. Please curb the urge to use the words, ‘right and wrong’ with regard to your feelings. Virgo Moon self-edits their feelings. Most Virgo Moons have a very critical parent (usually the mother). The perception of Mother by the Virgo moon is that “You got what you deserved.”

There was a fundamental sense of injustice…in the name of family justice that kept Virgo Moon in the ‘wrong’ no matter what they said or did. Many Virgo Moon people were abandoned by father, in some way, leaving the Mother in charge of setting appropriate rules (which all too often minimized Virgo Moon’s input on the matter).

The difficulty Virgo Moon has with feelings is the overwhelming need to stop the feeling in order to judge it’s validity…by using the Critical (mother) Judge voice. Virgo Moon will never ‘win’ by emoting this way. Virgo Moon needs to stop interrupting the flow of feeling and set boundaries to internal negative, critical voices.

Healing modalities help Virgo Moon find the self in ‘feeling’. The only warning I give is to not ASSUME that one or two modalities is the ONLY way toward self love. Self love for a Virgo Moon is gotten by immersion into a healthy FEELING experience that reminds Virgo Moon it’s not a moral issue, but rather a Divine Being.

Financial matters are dependent upon Virgo Moon’s ability to give credence to self and feelings without quantifying.

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