Tanzanite Breakthrough

Tanzanite Breakthrough


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Tanzanite stones are a glorious and exotic rich purple-blue stone. Have you ever seen a Tanzanite in its raw form? They’re actually brown! It’s only through careful shaping and gentle firing that they show their true colors and shine from within!Tanzanitenaturalstones

That’s exactly how Elaine’s “Tanzanite Breakthrough Session” works.

It’s a full 60 minute one-on-one immersion designed to help you get clear on what your true focus is, and to help you shine like the multifaceted gem that you are.



Discover exactly what you’ve been struggling with and what steps to take to ‘break through’ and eliminate the struggle. Because when you get to the SOURCE of your issue, you can easily face it and release it from your life.

Using numerology, astrology, and channeling, Elaine gives you the intuitive insight you’ve been searching for to help you identify the specific fears and blocks that have limited you in your life.

By looking at your spiritual ‘road map,’ you’ll finally understand the ‘whys’ of your life and gain a sense of exhilaration, gratitude, and greater clarity than ever before. It’s an ‘A-ha!’ moment you’ll always remember.

Breakthrough Sessions are conducted via phone. Session is digitally recorded and emailed to you.

PLUS you get these BONUSES:

tanzanitebulletsThe Dinner Party

What better way to understand yourself than to spend time with yourself…in the most unusual way! This method has astounded many clients.

The Dinner Party exposes those sabotaging voices in your head that have echoed throughout your lifetime. The result: better understanding of your deepest needs, fears and desires. Imagine how liberating it would feel to eliminate the constant, nagging doubts and insecurities that have always been in the back of your mind. 

                   As one of my clients, Ro Rusnock, said, “Make sure she [Elaine] has you do the “Dinner Party” exercise… it will blow you away!”

The Future You

This mp3 training comes with a worksheet to help you develop your awareness to not only who you are, but to who you are becoming, and what you can attract into your life. From friends to work to health and financial opportunities, The Future You is a fun and simple way to manifest your dreams and rid yourself of the same old nowhere patterns.


tanzanitebulletsYour Personal Astrology Chart

You’ll get a visual ‘snapshot’ of your life with this astrological chart on the day of your Tanzanite Breakthrough Session. See you personal world through the lens of the Cosmos!


1 hr with Elaine plus three amazing training bonuses to give you that quantum leap you’ve been searching for… ($997 value) yet the Tanzanite Breakthrough Session is only $497 (2pay option plan available).

Email elaine@astrologychanneletc.com  or call 928-284-3716 to book your session.