Monthly Astroblast Forecast

Monthly Astroblast Forecast


Your Monthly Astroblast Forecast

Remember my friends, the planets don’t make you do anything. You live in a cooperation with your Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When you make a move, the planets reflect that in the heavens. Mirror, mirror on the Cosmic Wall.

♥ Your Sun Sign reflects the basic theme for your life.
♥ Your Rising Sign reflects worldly stuff: health, wealth, passion, purpose, interaction with the world.
♥ Please remember to read your Sun AND Rising Sign for a more thorough report. 

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May 2017

MercurycommunicationConjunct Uranus (say it with me, You’re On Us)—erratic or sudden breath of fresh airto May 19.

Marsaction, aggressionOpposes Saturnstructure, denial, karmaMay 19 to June 8.
Hmm… feeling impatient and testy, or on a mission like Joan of Arc with an entire doctrine of truth in your pocket? (Maybe both!)

ARIES/Aries Rising: You’ve got a lot to say. Temper it if you can. Whether an Aries or Aries Rising, this is a great time to get your mind working with your body. Exercising body, mind, spirit, helps you to feel more productive. Be so careful driving or when using sharp instruments. Your mind could wander, thinking about all the things you coulda, shoulda, woulda said! Make your intentions known without force or passive actions. Spontaneity is your forte, but now’s the time to look at the bigger picture.

When Mars (your celestial guide) has a showdown with Saturn, you’re seriously considering: lawsuits, renegotiation of contracts, teaching, taking classes, debt consolidation, traveling for biz (or at least getting those travel records in order), but most importantly… using different words. It’s key to use different words to express yourself clearly. Know what you want. Express your concerns. Then offer solutions to your own issues.

TAURUS/Taurus Rising: Your mind is filled with a thousand and twenty ideas. It’s okay not to act on all of them, though. Focus on no more than three things to get your body in shape, your biz where you want it to be and ‘act as if’ it were what you envisioned. You’ll bring the pieces together soon enough. Money making ventures take root when you roll up your sleeves and get the job done.

When Mars opposes Saturn, you, like your Aries neighbor, might be thinking of suing someone who owes you. But keep your actions and intentions in check. Was there a written contract? (Oh, please say yes.) Your values are what matter here. You may research your own area of expertise and learn more, perhaps be seen as the expert! Acting on your principles opens doors. Be methodical. You don’t need to bend to convention when you have the gift if insight and foresight!

GEMINI/Gemini Rising: Okay first, Mars is in your sign. You’re burning candles at both ends and in the middle. All rev’d up but no place to go? Get organized! End the chatter in the head or the gossip on the phone and start acting on the things you want to get done. Herbs like ashwaghanda to help with your adrenals. The alcohol free herbal remedy, ‘Deep Sleep’ helps with those endless nights. You’re in a sudden mix of people and asked to think on your feet.

Ex spouses or biz partners leave ‘stuff’ in their wake. Be thorough as you deal with residual energies. Groups of folks want to help. Someone offers at least one idea that catapults you into the next best thing. If you don’t know the answer, SAY SO. This is about learning new ways. Leave your stubbornness or feelings of insecurity at the door. Off ya’ go. Pause often to get your bearings. 

CANCER/Cancer Rising:
You’re in full swing this month with career or obligatory ‘business.’ If an out of the blue phone call means more work, but you’re already swimming as fast as you can, it’s okay to delay or to say no. A fun job offer can also give new meaning to ‘reinventing’ yourself! Your name has gotten out there and they want you. But you can be discerning. You may not want them!

When Mars opposes Saturn, you’ve got to deal with the emotional residue of either your health (pay attention!) or a biz deal gone sour. Who said what and when might keep you up at night. Don’t allow that. Instead journal! Write it all down. Mars in Gemini represents actions through words. Let all the caca spill onto the page. Get it out of your body. You might also have sleepless nights due to exhaustion from working way to much. Really? Is it do or die? Bones, teeth, skin, hormones, trace minerals, hips, knees and joints take the brunt of your obsessing. Breathe. Journal. Trust that your needs are met.

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LEO/Leo Rising: Travel, education, sudden publishing or contractual agreements spring out of “nowhere” but remember that “nowhere” is another name for your unconscious mind! Before you sign or agree to anything, make sure you have the fine print looked at by legal folks or at least don’t feel pressured to say yes without doing due diligence. Big career moves afoot!

When Mars opposes Saturn, you’re all but spent in the romance, creative areas of your world. A partner might be undergoing a huge transformation or healing. Perhaps they look to you for the solutions. You’re up all night configuring and reworking the plan. A creative project that entails a group or at least one other person is also pushing you to exceed your limits. Know your boundaries. Even if you have to step aside and let them go for now, do that. Prioritize your agenda! Communicate your position without defenses and find a solution in playing. Yep. Movies, music, doodling, photography.

VIRGO/Virgo Rising: There might be a silver lining after all. Especially in that 401K or via the new tax attorney… or accountant. Joint resources take on a new light. This could mean discounts or bonuses when you least expected them. If you get an intuitive hit on an investment, you’ll most likely come out ahead in months to come. Your awareness is also on more … sensual matters. This might mean sexy time or spiritual bliss. Meditate more. Be open to possibilities.

When Mars opposes Saturn, you consider what it means to retire… for the night, from your profession, from a particular role that has you being the parent at home or at the office… all the time. You can’t parent everyone… that’s apparent, right? (Can’t miss the pun!) But you can ask for help. Competition has you worried or thinking in new ways on how to promote yourself. Even if you’re a mentor… hire an assistant! A mom? Hire a nanny. Healing profession? Office help or apprentice.

LIBRA/Libra Rising: If you’re not in a romantic relationship or don’t have a biz partner, this month is ideal for putting yourself out there. You may not have to go far because the vibes in the air portend conversation around you in tandem with another. If you do have a partner (romantic or biz) or are collaborating with someone, this feels fast and furious. A sudden ‘windfall’ of energy, people, opportunities sweeps you off of your feet. Make sure you wear a helmet!

When Mars opposes Saturn, you’re more focused on getting the job done. From school exams to training the department to delving into legal matters, you’re almost going at top speed toward completion. Thinking about more schooling? Are you sure you need it? If you’ve got an entrepreneurial mind, then it’s time to pick one mentor and ‘act as if’ you are that person. Remember, it’s the moment and weight of that moment (or thought) in between the actions that creates your harmony. Ponder that moment. Meditate. Create more space instead of tension.

SCORPIO/Scorpio Rising: Your health is the most important thing that you can focus on right now. You’ve been under strain, not eating well or not taking care of yourself properly. It could also be that life has been so busy with the health of others that you’ve neglected yourself. Please take this month to be as present as possible with your body and what it needs. A sudden event might present itself for healing. Remember that all of who you are culminates into real, live matter. What’s the matter? You. You’re the matter.

When Mars opposes Saturn, all of your attention is drawn to money… yours, theirs, ours, making it, spending it, conserving it, investing it, and finding a sense of accomplishment in having it. The tight rope between your very own income and the returns on investments (or spousal income) suddenly seems way high up there and you keep looking for the net. Trust is the net. Due diligence, too. Consolidate expenses. Peer into the future and potential earnings. Now is the time to share your deepest feelings. Open up your heart and the truth suddenly appears. You’ll know what to do.

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SAGITTARIUS/Sagittarius Rising: Saturn is still in your sign and when Mars opposes you from the 19th to June 8, you’re going to need to make a decision about who you are and who you’d like to be. It’s as if you’ve been sideswiped by… a partner, loved one, biz associate, fan, client, or even an enemy. (I know, that’s a strong word.) The best way to resolve your issues is to take extra good care of your body and healing the bones, skin, teeth, hormones, joints, and kidneys.  Deep down there’s a mini you who keeps fighting authority. Who was the original scary parent? That’s where you need to go to resolve current romantic or partnership issues.

This is also a very creative time. Get busy with arts, crafts, making or taking care of children, building something, having romance, and problem solving your woes. You can communicate more easily through the arts and music now so let yourself be free. Your body will respond when you engage the things that give you joy. Not everything that feels uncomfortable has to be ousted. Your sensitive nature wants to judge what feels like a judgment. That’s okay, too. It is what it is. Now… how would you like to proceed (without defenses) and also allow yourself to get what you need from this point on? That’s the only question.

CAPRICORN/Capricorn Rising: Your role is quickly changing. Sudden arrival or departure of: guests, siblings, in-laws, parents, children, identity… brings up all types of conversation regarding what’s next. So? What would you like to do now? You’ve been studying human behavior, teaching, learning, applying, being. What now? You don’t really have to start from scratch. Take what you know and assemble a compendium, book, class, vacation based on your interests, or expand your mind with technology, cook, garden, create.

When Mars opposes Saturn, it’s time to look back… from whence you came. Saturn is your guiding planet. You may feel life echo in your bones, teeth, skin, knees, joints, hips, eyes, head, blood or respiratory system. I’m a Cap rising sign and have been on herbal supplements for anemia and lung congestion. Things are looking up! Be consistent with your health routine. Also look back at what you have to offer others for their healing! You may be asked to give a talk.

AQUARIUS/Aquarius Rising: Your mind is aflutter with all sorts of ideas. First is how you are so fortunate to have your needs met. Second is your will to live a more authentic life. Third is juggling what you know and making it real. Okay, you don’t need to juggle too much for too long, though. It’s wearing on the body and frazzles the mind. Stay focused on two or three things that help you to 1. wrap up past projects. 2. breathe life into your immediate future. Find your center, your home, your true family. Value that above all else.

When Mars opposes Saturn, you realize that the children, friends, lovers, (past and present), and elders in your life are asking for equal time (or are haunting you from afar). You cannot be all things to all people, BUT you can group your time and events to leave room for just lil’ ol’ you. And in that space, make a vow to let go of the outdated stuff that clutters your brain. An elder or mentor might leave your life or pass away. Cherish who they are and feel their guidance wherever you go. This is also an inspiring time. Words and ideas pour through you. Record them for later use!

PISCES/Pisces Rising: Sudden inflow of resources, mostly financial opportunities, and simultaneously unexpected expenses. The conversation around your money and where to best invest is key. Please be wary of going to extremes just because the moment sweeps you up and away. You must value your resources: time, energy, talents, cashflow, then increase ideas around your ‘WHY’… Why are you making money the way you do, or spending the way you do? How can you up your sense of self-worth in the process?

When Mars opposes Saturn, you feel undone in your own home. Create a safe place there. If you’re facing some sort of identity crisis (does it have to be a crisis?) or transformation… the room in your house that contains the most peace is where you need to be. But of course people, construction, visitors, family, annoyances from all parts of the world might not let you be. What’s the lesson? Mind over matter creates the space… the peace… even in the middle of chaos or upheaval. Go within. Breathe. Meditate often. Find your center.


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March 3 to April 13, 2017 Forecast*

Venus in Retrograde March 3 to April 15
Harmonize extremes

Venus guides Taurus and Libra and represents the following:

Love  * Beauty * Art * Protection * Food * Finances * Real Estate (agriculture) * Liver * Antiques (only when retrograde) * Style
Femininity * Actual women in your life * In any retrograde, the past returns… any one of these topics applies

Here are some of the Don’ts:
New romance: by the time April 16 comes, you’re saying, “What the HELL was I thinking?”
Over indulge in alcohol or sweets: addiction or weight gain.
New hairdresser: by April 16, you’ll cry or get angry or both.
Cosmetic surgery: something will most likely go awry.
Buying real estate: at a loss… unless you know the exact value of a property and what to do with it.

Some of the Do’s:

DO explore alternate ways of investing your money. (‘d wait until after May to invest as we’re headed into a Mercury in Retro in April.)
DO get to a thrift store or antique store and if you know what you’re looking for, wow. Jackpot!
DO explore your relationship to your feminine side (doesn’t matter if you’re a gal or a guy).

DO cook. Experiment. Have fun. Inner creation helps your cash to flourish!
DO allow yourself to feel without judging it.

DO sell real estate.


Mercury is in Retrograde April 5 to May 3. Always a good idea to add 10 days either side to reboot your brain and your technology!

ARIES/Aries Rising: You’re undergoing a huge reformation. About what you want, how you want to look, sound, express, basically BE. You may have figured out by now that you don’t have to be at odds with the opposite sex (or a partnership), yet you are. Delve into why you have either given up all control or must be the controlling one? There may be periods of grief through April 15, but hey… you’ve learned what you don’t want, right? Now it’s time to allow yourself to have one small fun thing a day… and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. If you’ve been stubborn with sharing yourself or complacent OR if you’ve been a bully, now is when you’ll get honest feedback about it all. Seek truth in being and love yourself. Now is not the time for outer make-overs! But do explore new inner looks.

TAURUS/Taurus Rising: Your guide Venus, is taking a look inside at the way things are. Are you? If you’ve been paying attention to your body, feeling better, eating healthier, and noting the times you ignore your needs, then you’ll see great advancements with health and well-being during this phase. A few ‘ah-ha’s’ come to light, too, about your easy-going attitudes. It’s okay to be easy-going, but if you’re a doormat, then that’s way too easy. If you have moments of resistance toward doing something or doing something ‘their way’ then examine what the problem is. Are you finally making a stand about what you want and don’t want? Look at your female friends, present and past. What’s the common denominator aside from you? Were they bullies? Whimpies? More importantly, who were YOU to them? That persona is how people see you. Okay… as long as you’re aware.

GEMINI/Gemini Rising: It’s time to not only examine your feminine self, but the women in your life. There’s at least one in particular who might be leaving. Why? Is this a positive thing? Was there a rift in your communication? Perhaps you’re the one who’s leaving. As you ponder not just this woman, but how you felt interacting with them… and I’m talking about a gal who got on your last nerve or who gave you the brush off or behaved in a way that made you believe there was something off about your behavior. Look deeply into the mirror and see a part of yourself in that person. If they were pissed off, why? Were you? Where’s the judgment in you? Can you forgive? If you were the transgressor, are you willing to forgive yourself? And for some Gemini/Gemini Risings… this isn’t about a gal at all, but rather your vulnerability with creative expression. Is it time to play?

CANCER/Cancer Rising: Okay. Let’s get really specific in this Venus Retrograde. Are you doing what you want in career? There might be some women who enter stage left, who show you another way. Or perhaps you’re learning more about the needs of your clients. There might also be women who leave your life now. They’ve served their purpose so bless and release them. Take a closer look at your mother’s attitudes about work, life, and family. It’s incongruent. Whether mom is still on the earth or not, you witnessed her try to do both: work and have a family. She had trouble with that and sacrificed some part of herself in the process. Are you emulating mom now? Sometimes patterns run deep and we don’t readily see them for what they are… coping mechanisms. If you’re not having fun at work or with peers and co-workers, then that needs to be harmonized.

LEO/Leo Rising: A woman or possibly a gay man, with whom you’ve worked or contracted a project with, might be taking a break. You could be ready to move forward, but there’s a delay. That delay is okay. It will help you to decide if this is the right person or the correct direction in which to head. If there’s no such person then look in the mirror. Have you committed to something you now don’t want to do? It’s okay to go on sabbatical to figure it out. There are many different routes to take. Just because you haven’t figured it out doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Browse your local book store. Talk to experts. You’ll get information you might not have had before about running a business or altering contracts. You can come through this time feeling more sober, but better for it.

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VIRGO/Virgo Rising: You’re looking into investments. Prior joint resource matters resurface. Perhaps with an ex spouse or biz partner? Back taxes? You might be made aware of a loan or debt come due during this time. Fret not. You can refinance, but be aware that Venus retrograde represents protection. Where are you vulnerable financially? Change all passwords to all on-line accounts (whether they’re financial or not). Then also realize that Mercury (planet representing communication and technology) is retrograde April 9 to May 3, overlapping Venus in retrograde. So… keep an eye on all credit cards, people with whom you share financial info with, (bank tellers, unfamiliar women especially), and keep an ear to the ground. You might actually get wind of a real estate matter or deal of the century. Again… not the time to invest your cash until mid May. You’re also centered around reconnecting with Spirit. This is a great time to do a vision quest or a meditation course to get into the parts of you that don’t trust. Love yourself.

LIBRA/Libra Rising: Not only is Venus retrograde, but so is Jupiter in Libra. Let’s put it together. Jupiter represents expansion and benevolence, indulgence, or overdoing it. Venus is your celestial guide. While these planets are in retrograde, they’re also opposite one another. You’re grappling with something regarding ‘me vs. them’. You may be in the middle of reworking how your relationship can work. Maybe you and your spouse are divorcing or happily married and relocating in the next year. Perhaps you’re alone trying to figure out how to be yourself in a relationship without losing your identity. This time is very insightful, but a bit sobering, too. Take this phase a day at a time (or 20 minutes at a time)! Harmonize each part of your life that feels out of sorts. Are you a workaholic? Sugar-aholic? Spend-aholic? Give to them all the time but not to yourself? Where ever there’s an extreme, you’ll have more insight and work to do. Allow yourself to be honest and by April 16, you’ll feel whole again. It’s okay to ask for help.

SCORPIO/Scorpio Rising: Please take extra good care of your health during this Venus phase. You might have some issues to deal with like sugar, ovaries, (testies if you’re a guy), hormones, detoxing the liver. Be aware of too much of any one pleasure. This is not the time to have cosmetic surgery or beauty make-overs. Once you get your health on track, let’s look at business associates or clients. Some may ask for a refund or don’t come through with full payments when you need them to. Make sure that any new woman client reads the contract thoroughly before signing. Same goes for you if you’re the one signing anything. Community legalities or uprisings get annoying. New stop sign? Impeach so and so? Petitioners at your door or on the phone can be a bit much. Or a gal throws you a curve ball. Organize you time and leave extra room for the unexpected. 

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SAGITTARIUS/Sagittarius Rising: Play in unexpected ways. But if you don’t want to have a baby, buckle up!  If you meet a potential new lover between March 1 and April 15, by April 16 you’re wondering… what the…? Who IS this person? It’s that dramatic. Even if someone from your past comes back, they’re there (in person or in thought alone) to remind you of your behavior and what you will or won’t allow in romance. I wouldn’t expect them to last long. This is a pivotal time to stop going round the same chant that you don’t get what you want or that you can’t have a special someone, or that it is what it is and it won’t change. Use this time to have more fun with family, to relax (do you understand that word?), and to allow yourself to experiment with something outside the box… and then to realize that there are no boxes!

CAPRICORN/Capricorn Rising: Okay, two topics, well… maybe three. First, your mother. If she’s still here, she may need assistance. Or she may get on your last nerve. She may decide to move or leave the earth. Perhaps she’s here and healthy and doesn’t need you. Your role as a parent OR your childhood comes up big time. You ponder what it all meant, how it shaped you, and who you are because of it today. Next… your four walls. You’re wanting a paint job or to redo the kitchen floor or maybe install new fixtures. Make sure you measure correctly and that you get a professional to do the work with a money back guarantee! April also sports a Mercury in Retrograde and you might order one type of design but get another and on and on with details that will take you down the rabbit hole. Breathe. Just pick out what you want (from furniture to colors to panelling to faucets) but don’t buy or install until mid May. There. Problem solved before it is a problem. Lastly, your identity. You’re annoyed. Often. Someone’s bugging you. Interrupting you. Set a boundary! It’s that simple. Stop holding it in. Let it out before it’s an issue. Ahhhh… wait… are you emulating your mother’s behavior? And a retrograde will take us back to the beginning with a behavior to ask, ‘Are you done with me yet?’

AQUARIUS/Aquarius Rising: Money, security, and values are on your mind. Getting paid for what you’re worth, yes. Asking for funding for a project, maybe. Declaring to the world your worth… definitely. You may start a campaign to champion children or underprivileged women or gay rights. Cool. Just be wary of becoming militant about it. Find your value in unique expression, but honest expression, and compassionate expression, and you’ll sway others to your cause. Communication begins deep within, way before you even open your mouth. And you’ve got some beliefs that don’t serve you. Like… that you’re not worthy or that no one will want you as a mate, or that you’re less than somehow. Not true. Not by a long shot. If you can revel in having and being both feminine and masculine… where you allow life to flow… where you act on what’s important to you… then you’ll start to harmonize the parts of you that need self love. Love baby. Look in the mirror. 

PISCES/Pisces Rising: The sun is in Pisces shining a mystical, illusory light on us all. Are you fooling yourself? Do you feel unworthy? Is there a behavior of yours that’s costing you time, energy, money, love? Especially where your financial and romantic investments are concerned, you’ve got to get sober. I mean that literally and figuratively. When someone says something to you (especially your own softer side or an actual woman), listen. What are you sacrificing in order to stay in either an addiction or a less than optimal situation? This Venus retrograde phase shows you what’s at stake and the possible solutions. A woman points out some point blank information about you that can put you on the defensive, making you want to hide further… OR waking you up a bit. I’d shy from major financial investments now. But put your focus on healing your wounds and the softer underbelly of your sensitive self. Where there’s anger, there’s a cover up of sadness. Go. Look for it. Heal.


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Jupiter is now in Libra through September of 2017.
Jupiter represents expansion… (it’s up to you what you choose to expand upon).

The question is… will you be a dictator or a diplomat in the process?

ARIES/ARIES RISING SIGN: When it comes to romantic, marital relationships (whether they be current or exes) remember the core conversation. If you get lost, bouncing from controlling or being controlled, pause. Often. You have the power to reconcile differences more easily if you talk it out compassionately. Solo? You have the power to sway cohorts to your camp. Spas, hiking clubs, culinary classes, and dating web sites, hold romantic promise. They’re also great places to find new business.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING: Your body and the work that you love are tied together. Volley between working and exercising. As you harmonize these two topics, you energetically coalesce the parts of you that have been out of sync. Your sense of style, not only in appearance, but also in your expression, transforms. Check that adrenals or spiking blood sugar doesn’t hold you back. Ban extremes, do what you love, and the sweetness of life will satisfy your needs.

GEMINI/GEM RISING: One of the most romantic months this year! Put yourself in places that mirror your highest ideals. Stop projecting the past onto the present. Open up, get out of your head, and allow your heart to love. Shy from excesses, thinking you have to make up for lost time. If you don’t want to have a child, buckle up. Do let the child in you come out to play. Jupiter in Libra emphasizes your lightness of being, especially regarding: groups, decorating, romance, children, writing, and freedom from creative restrictions.

CANCER/CANCER RISING: Creating beauty at home is your prime objective. This includes smoothing out wrinkles with family or buying, selling, renovating real estate. Your need to commune and organize starts with your truer identity, extending to your four walls. It might be time to pull back, let others have a say without you attempting to overrule. It may also be your time to step up. We’re in a month of extremes. Seek the middle ground, get cozy.

LEO/LEO RISING: Changing your mind is an indication of transitioning awareness and needs. What do you want? What speaks to your Soul? Become a voice, a true advocate for kinship. Articles? Blogs? Books? Speaking? Learning curves? Teaching? Sure. Yet if you say one thing but do another, you’re going to confuse us. Never more than now does the old adage add up. Practice what you preach. Stay committed to your joy, your reach broadens. Earning potential grows.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING:  Thinking about finances a lot? This month, even more so. How can you bank on your investments? Tony Robbins’ book, “Money” offers clues. Self-worth may not be an issue, but if you face the future without a financial plan, then a few insecure buttons might get pushed. Map it out with a fiscal advisor. Picture a flower about to burst into bloom, colors abound. This is you. Intentions and actions become your water and sunlight.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING: Jupiter in your sign for one year! Have a plan of action regarding your desires (from cooking, crafts to creating your own constitution). Lay down the law. Heed your body’s needs and cut back on sugar. Cravings signal indecision! Travel with a more positive outlook. Uttering phrases like, ‘it’s never going to happen’ sabotage results. Be still, present. Recite gratefulness immediately. What you focus on, grows. Visualize what you want as if it’s already happened.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING: You need a rest and a sanctuary to think the deep thoughts like, ‘now what?’ You ponder heights and depths from the edge, wanting to simply have a lovely day. If you crave alcohol, drugs, sugar, or carbs then there’s a clue that you’re about to discover your middle earth, where extremes no longer exist, yet where inner demons divide. Gardening, consistent counseling, daily meditation, and making space for emotions gives you the big ah-ha.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING:  An entirely new group of people enter stage right. Some of them remind you of the old people you left behind. This indicates your inner need to hang on to what’s familiar. Up to you to behave differently. It’s never about them. But others fascinate you, showing different ways to find yourself, and your dreams, in non-threatening ways. Seek harmony in all relationships. People merely reflect what you think of yourself. Cook. Travel. Commune. Share.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING: First, Mars is in your sign. Burning candles on both ends (or inner witches at the stake) doesn’t even cover how busy or crazy you feel. Two, lighten up. Seriously. Three, your ideas, actions, knowledge, and continually expanding professional arena inspire you and others like nothing you’ve experienced before. Publishing, advertising, synthesizing, and integrating past and current experiences give you hope as you meet exciting folks in your new or advancing career. Timelines equal success.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING: So many wonderful notions and unusual experiences open up to you this year (not just this month). Spontaneous dinners, jaunts, cultural learning opportunities spark you. Reading or experiencing metaphysical ideals lend spiritual connections and convictions. Watch you don’t polarize to one side, creating militant beliefs. Travel, publishing, and offering alternative (harmonious) solutions puts you on the radar of higher-ups. You may not be seeking them, but accolades, awards, and applause are headed your way, too.

PISCES/PISCES RISING: Some moments beg you to be still, yet you ignore them in favor of service to others. That behavior becomes resentment or fatigue in the long run. Make a list of financial income and debt sources. Then make a list of people who give (without condition) and others who take (without giving). Reconcile the takers by giving to others, but not at the sake of yourself. Unclog emotional and financial debt by flowing into Love.



* SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS * DEC 23, 2014 THROUGH Dec 19, 2017 — Need a Break? Look No Further

December 23, 2014 through December 19, 2017 yep… 2 plus years, Saturn will be in the constellation and fire sign of Sagittarius. This is the general idea of what you can expect during this time frame. Remember to read your Sun and Rising sign. 


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